What is FAM Office?

  • Where you can either join a FAM or view your own FAM and the FAM rankings.

How to create a Family?

  • Login into the game >  Go to the FAM Office >  Click “Create FAM” button

Condition for creating a Family

  • Must be level 10
  • Have at least 1 million den


  • Piggy Bank – This is where master and members can donate dens for the FAM for them to upgrade their FAM. Minimum donate is 10k dens and the maximum is 500k dens.
  • House (10 members can accommodate) – FAM Attendance, +5 FAM Points for each member who will check their attendance.
  • Cloudy Grass Background

FAM Shop

Where you can upgrade and customize your FAM.

FAM Master

  • He/She can assign a member into FAM Officer.
  • They can use the FAM funds to upgrade and customize your FAM.
  • They can modify the family introduction and family notice.
  • Can accept and expel family members.

FAM Officers

  • Can accept new fam members.
  • Can refuse to allow others of join the FAM.

FAM Channel and FAM Points

When your FAM Master purchased a FAM Channel on FAM Shop under Item category, your FAM can gain FAM Points. These FAM Points help you gain ranks. Once you purchase a Channel, you and your FAM members should play on that channel within the countdown. There must be a crown logo on the top of you and your FAM members characters to gain FAM Points.

There is a other way to gain FAM Points, you need to battle other FAMs for FAM Points. Your FAM must have at least 100 FAM Points to FAM Battle. You can lose in Basic Battle with the maximum of 60 FAM Points. In Power Battle, you can win/lose to a maximum of 120 FAM Points.

How to transfer FAM Master?

Login into the game > Go to FAM Office > My FAM > manage members > appoint a FAM member into FAM officer > right click the FAM Officer > appoint as FAM Master


  • The other party must be online and accept the appointment to become the FAM Master.
  • The other party must be level 21 and above.