Audition Next Level 2021 – A Year In Review


Hi Audistas! It’s that time of the year again, where we look back and reminisce on the fantastic days we had for the year 2021. It has been one heck of a roller coaster ride, from the beautiful Visions of Love last February to the awesome 15th Audiversary we had last November. Let’s take a few moments to remember how awesome 2021 was and see what’s in store for us in 2022!

First 3 months of awesomeness – Q1 2021


Last January, we had a bunch of activities, such as the Level Race and The Featured Rookie of The Month, which kickstarted the long list of extraordinary events for the first quarter of 2021. Aside from our yearly tournaments, February is the most popular month for our beloved Audistas because we celebrate love and joy within the community. Visions of Love was a very successful campaign, and it was so breathtaking that in-game couples eventually became real-life relationships and commitments. This is what we always aim to do; create and grow valuable community relationships that will last forever, in-game and outside of the game. 


We Audistas are known for being the loudest and best PlayPark community, and we are proud of that. The beginning of 2021 was so on fire that the Rising Star and Pro-League SGMY Tournaments for March and April became our very first on-ground tournaments ever since the pandemic began. Singapore has always been a prominent scene in our community. Seeing our fellow Audistas in Lion City showcasing their skills and battling it out for the prizes and titles is a welcome sight after what the pandemic brought to everyone, everywhere.


Whoah, we’re halfway there! – Q2 2021


As the pandemic surged on, we spent the rest of our summers creating magnificent papercraft artworks, summer outfit cosplays, and late-night talks with our lovable Moderators. We also celebrated Father’s Day with our fellow Clubbers from Club Audition M. The pandemic has been rough for most of us, yet celebrating our families with our fellow Audistas has never felt so great. 


Halfway through 2021, we were just out there celebrating every fantastic moment of our community. We loved celebrating so much that we even rode the waves of the Tiktok craze last June. Audistas all over South East Asia have been uploading and sharing their fantastic Audition Next Level Tiktok duets. We’ve seen a fair share of how talented our beloved Audistas are. El magnifico!


Three cheers for the -Ber months! – Q3 2021


While the first quarter of the year enabled us to conduct on-ground tournaments in Singapore, our PH community has never been behind in competitive gaming. We all know that Audition Next Level isn’t just a dancing game; it is THE DANCING GAME, where skills and talents are just as important as dressing up and maintaining your Couple Garden tidy. The best Audistas in the Philippines battled it out in our Audilympics Season 3. Champions were hailed in each game mode and category ANL offers. Quarantine protocols have been challenging in the PH for the past two years, yet with the help of our beloved mods, CM Hasten and GM Faith, all of us, including the community, we’re able to pull off the most challenging online tournament that we have experienced. It was a wild ride and a memorable one for sure. The community can always look back and look forward to what fiery tournament we’ll offer this coming 2022.


Unlike your favorite fruits and flowers, competitiveness is not seasonal in Audition Next Level. It has been there ever since we launched the game 15 years ago. That being said, right after the Audilympics Season 3, we were ready for more. The online qualifiers for our SGMY Master Dancer Tournament went underway, weeks after we hailed new champions for Audilympics Season 3. In collaboration with Reality Rift, one of the biggest names in esports in South East Asia, we wanted to make the term “esports” synonymous with the word “Audista.” And so we ended our 3rd quarter with a high note, and we had our arms wide open with what Q4 2021 has to offer.


A decade and a half of non-stop party! – Q4 2021


Partnering with Reality Rift, we started our Q4 with tons of on-ground competitive matches. Of course, health is still the primary priority, so we ensured that everyone in the venue would only be the ones competing while obeying safety protocols. This may have hindered some of our Audistas from flocking the venue, but everyone can feel the spirit of celebration and friendship throughout the event. New Clubber and Fam of The Year were crowned that day, with minimal issues and hindrances. Once again, we’d like to thank Reality Rift for making this excellent tournament a reality (pun not intended). We are so proud of our SGMY community and SGMY moderators for being part of the coolest SGMY on-ground event so far.


Who thought that we were already done partying? No. never! We were so stoked to celebrate our 15th anniversary with all of the Audistas. What came with 15 years? A brand new song only for us Audistas, a new choreography, and a fun-filled online party with your lovable GMs. From reminiscing the good old days to creating better days with our fellow Audistas worldwide, our 15th Audiversary has been truly heartwarming and exciting. Prominent community leaders everywhere shared their love for the game by spending their precious time with us. We were so happy to celebrate this fantastic event with you guys that we are even looking forward to seeing you on-ground this year.


Fifteen years is a very long time, and one can consider that having a very active community for over 15 years can be called a success. But we are not stopping there; we want to count more than 15, in multiples of 15, to the power of 15! We loved hearing these incredible stories from every Audista from all corners of the world, saying that Audition Next Level became a part of them while growing up. From the PlayPark Audition Next Level team, we want to tell every Audista out there that we love you and you matter to us. Thank you for spending 15 long years with us, and we are looking for more. Cheers to 15 years, and may you have a wonderful year ahead of 2022. Peace out, Audistas!


– CM Rosh

Fantastic February! Audition Next Level: A quick trip down the not-so-distant memory lane


It is the most unique month of all the months. While the rest of the months in our modern calendars have 30 and 31 days each, February only has 28 to 29 days. But what truly makes us remember the month of February? Is it because of its shorter period, or is it because it is believed that February begins a new cycle of our yearly luck and fortune? Or maybe, it is because February actually represents this wonderful and uniquely human emotion called love? People all over the world have been celebrating the whole of February in many different ways, and here in ANL, we are so happy that you became a part of our monthly festivities. So in the name of love and luck, I, CM Rosh, urge you to hop in and join me as we take a quick trip down ANL’s Fantastic February~

Fateful events lead to wonderful discoveries – ANL’s Fab Feb events


2021 has been off to a greater start, compared to what happened last year. This actually gave us the momentum to celebrate the community with tons of exciting in-game and social media events. From fun horoscopes to relatable community-driven heartbreak stories, the ANL team had a great time giving more value and recognition to its beloved players. With this in mind, we are surely hopeful that we will be able to bring much more exciting content and news for the community to enjoy.

In-game events had been a blast with our Level Race and Dance Challenges. Friendships inside and outside of the game had a marvelous time with our Friends With Benefits event. We can’t really deny the fact that the more fun friends you have, the more vibrant life will be. Having awesome friends along with an extraordinary community is what makes ANL such a beautiful game to begin with. And that is thanks to everyone who is part of this never-ending soiree.

From the Desks of Faith, Hasten, and Rosh: Life and Love 101


February is notably famous for having both the Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day this year. Every one of us, including the community, had our own fill of adventures when it comes to life and love. As your community leaders, we are so excited and joyful that Audition Next Level has always been a part of your daily ups and downs. Each brand new month is a welcome challenge for us to provide you the best and the most awesome ANL service that you guys deserve, and February is undeniably one of the best months that we are having so far. And thus, we extend our deepest gratitude to each and every Audista out there. Keep in mind that we will always be there for you, in-game and even outside the game, and we truly appreciate your continued support for this awesome game. To show our love to the community, we will be accepting monthly letter submissions from the community and we will begin featuring these fascinating stories. After all, you guys are the stars of the show. Mechanics for the letter submissions will be posted in a future announcement. Let’s continue to make Audition Next Level even bigger, better, and brighter. Just remember to always keep your head up high and look at the better things ahead. Peace out and keep dancing, Audistas!

The New Normal: ANL and You in the middle of a pandemic


Let’s face it, 2020 was something that every one of us never really expected. It was one heck of a COVID-driven roller coaster ride, and a very steep and fast one too. Some had the best times of their lives, others experienced hardships they’d never imagined. But the truth will always be there: we are all in this together as a community. We were really touched when we heard about stories from different Audistas saying that Audition Next Level was there for them during the darkest times of the past year. Your stories are just as important as you are, so thank you.

Just as the saying goes, “there is always light at the end of the tunnel”, this too shall pass. Everything that has been bad will be turned into good, and everything that is good will be even better. ANL will continue to deliver exceptional service and support to every Audista out there.

Prima Audista Extravaganza: ANL’s top café society


The A-list. The nobilities. The top class. The elites. Whatever you call them, the meaning will still be the same: they are ANL’s top VIPs. They have supported Audition Next Level in every way that anyone can possibly imagine. These magnificent people have been there since the beginning and we’d like to actually give them the recognition they fully deserve. Huge shout out to Amity, Oliveer, LeviYG, VickiBelo, and Patchayy8d for being such fabulous people this month of February.

Let us not forget our moderators from PH and SGMY who are such angels when it comes to taking care of the community. Shout out to the homies out there, you guys are the best!