Attention KPOP fans!

Get a chance to score FREE entrance passes for K-POP Cover Dance Festival 2018 on April 22, here’s how.


  1. Create a Playpark account. Click HERE to register. If you have one already, go ahead to Step 2.
    • Playpark registration link, here.
  2. Log in your Playpark account to Club Audition. Play until you reach Level 2.
    • Download the game, here.
    • How to Install? Check out this link. If you were having issues downloading and installing the game, please join to the Club Audition Official Group. Just PM the Club Audition Moderators.
  3. Then, fill up this form.
  4. Complete the requirements above and enjoy the K-Pop Cover Dance Festival 2018 for FREE!

All KCDF attendees and new players are invited to a RAVE PARTY in Club Audition. Join us on DATE at 9:00PM. Head to the Jeju Server and enter Channel 20.

Note: 1 confirmed registration = 1 event pass per person only.

To know more about the KCDF 2018 main event, click here.