The Audition Next Level Philippine Championship ONLINE EDITION is a daily online tournament open to all talented Audistas. Champions are hailed and rewarded every day. As the season progresses, these gathered champions will continue to compete until the very best are one step closer to the ultimate showdown.


How to Join

  • BATCH 1: Register at will be from May 12, 2018 (6:00PM) until May 21, 2018 (11:59PM).
  • BATCH 2: Register at will be from June 7, 2018 (4:30PM) until June 14, 2018 (11:59PM).
  • Level requirement for the event is level 15 and above.
  • Qualified players will receive an e-mail from the Audition Next Level Team. After receiving the e-mail, players MUST reply his/her confirmation regarding tournament.
  • To determine the bracketing, tournament participants will be randomized LIVE on the Audition Next Level page on May 28, 2018. The resulting brackets will be posted on the same day.
  • The 36 participants will compete everyday in the Daily Qualifier and followed by the Weekly Qualifier.
  • In the Daily Qualifier, 36 participants will be divided into 6 sets with 6 members each. Each qualifier will have one (1) round of competition. The participant with the highest total score will be declared as winner. Only one (1) player will win the daily qualifier and will advance to the weekly round.
  • For the Weekly Qualifiers, the daily qualifier winners will compete for five (5) rounds. The participant with the highest total score will become the weekly qualifier champion.
  • NOTE: The GM facilitator will have the final decision regarding to the scores.
  • Players MUST first purchase the FREE HUG accessory join the event.

  • The Online Tournament will start at 7:00PM (GMT+8) and end by 9:00PM (GMT+8). Participants should be online at least thirty (30) minutes before the tournament is scheduled to begin. Absence in the actual tournament schedule will automatically disqualify the participant.



Game Modes

In the Daily Qualifier, each participant will face off in a single elimination battle. The mode to be used is as follows:
Normal – Single Room
Choreography Battle – C – 8 direction
Random Song 140~ bpm
Bomb Chance; Level 4

In the Weekly Qualifier, where only the top eighteen (18) participants remain, the mode will be changed to as follows:
Normal – Single Room
Choreography battle c8
Random Song 140~ bpm
Bomb Chance; Level 5

In the FINAL MATCH of the Weekly Qualifiers, the finalists will face off in five (5) rounds, where only the top six (6) players remain. The first participant to get the highest score after the five (5) rounds will become the APCOE-Champion. The game mode will be as follows:
Normal – Single Room
Choreography battle c8
Random Song 140~ bpm
Bomb Chance; Level 6

Players Responsibilities and Guidelines:

Participants should wear the “REQUIRED ITEM FOR THE DAY” announced by the Audition Next Level team before the qualifiers.
Participants who fail to wear the required item for the day will automatically be kicked out of the room and will be given five (5) minutes to purchase the said item and get back in the room.
Technical issues encountered during the event will be assessed by the GM Facilitators. Only major technical problems will merit game suspension and/or restart at the discretion of the GM Facilitators.

  • ISP Connection
  • Power Interruption in the area
  • Game Server Issues

Participants are expected to play fairly and conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner. Those fail to follow the instructions of the GM Facilitators and become unruly are subject to the penalties as dictated by the severity of the case.

  • Players caught cheating or behaving inappropriately will be penalized as the GM Facilitators deem fit.
  • Intentional disconnection (ALT F4/Manual DC) will lead to the forfeiture.
  • Participants must follow the rules set forthby the GM Facilitators.
  • The decisions of the GM Facilitators and officials are FINAL.