Got a wish? A story share? Do you want to send a gift to your crush? Have a special someone you want to greet or even surprise?


All you have to do is tell us your story, your request and why your wish should be granted. Every day we will grant one wish. Send your stories to using the format:

Email Format:

  • Email Subject – [ANL] Wish Upon A GM (PH)
  • Full Name –
  • PlayID or Facebook ID –
  • IGN –
  • Character Gender –
  • Photo of yourself or the person you are requesting for (optional)-
  • Your Request Item for yourself or to someone (Permanent In-Game Mall Items Only) (include IGN/Gender if it is requested to someone else)
  • Your Story or Shoutout (Reason why should I grant your wish) – (Start your story with “Dear Santa Jill, )