Audistas, expect for more awesome updates this 2019 and let’s start it with the #ANL2019 New Client!



#ANL2019 New Client will give you a much better gaming experience not just by the new items offered but also with our new and improved game protection powered by EAC (Easy Anti-Cheat).

Cheats and cheaters will cry-out-loud because EAC will block them away, Yes, EAC won’t allow them to play and enjoy Audition Next Level. Better be clear because if you are, EAC offers you clean and skill-based gaming that you will surely enjoy!

If you have decided to move on and start the new “you”, you can visit any of these links to open happiness:
Google Drive –
Mega –
OneDrive –

And of course, you need to be guided!
Guessing won’t help, here’s the proper way on How to Install New Game Client –
Sometimes you just need to read before you ask so visit EAC FAQs – to know more. 😛

To enjoy our #ANL2019 New Edition update, don’t hesitate to join our in-game and online events because we have it all for you~
Watch out for more #ANLUpdates and share you #ANLMoments with us!
See you on the dance floor!