You Can Purchase Mascot on the Mascot Salon for 30 Days and 1 Year only. You can buy both male and female, but you can only bring one mascot on the dancing Hall.


Snacks can be purchased to feed Mascot to increase their intimacy.


Mascot Salon is where you can buy items for your mascot pet. Face, hair, upper garment, undergarment shoes set accessory and item are available here.


Mascot Exp Table




  1. Can Mascot be bought permanently?
    • No, The mascot pet is only available for 30days and 365 Days.
  2. If I buy a permanent Mascot Avatar, will it disappear if the duration of the Mascot runs out?
    • No, the permanent Mascot Avatar will not disappear if the duration of the Mascot runs out. You can use the avatar again once the Mascot duration is extended.
  3. How much EXP bonus is given by Mascot when we play together?
    • You will get an additional 500 EXP Bonuses
  4. Why doesn’t my Familiarity Point level increase?
    • Make sure you have selected Personality Mascot and completed all the quests
    • If the quest is complete, then you can only get Mascot EXP and Familiarity Points
  5. Will the Mascot Level, Familiarity Points be reset if we change the Mascot Personality?
    • Yes, all Levels and Familiarity Points that have been obtained will be reset. Make sure your body and soul are ready if you want to change personality, okay.
  6. How many types of Mascot Personality are there now?
    • There are 3 personality types that you can choose from; Cute, Normal and Gentle.
  7. what’s the difference between each personality ??
    • Later your speech style, mascot behavior, avatar when mascot Transform and your special movements are adjusted to the personality you choose. Each personality has its own uniqueness.
  8. How to level up Mascot?
    • Invite Mascot you play, he will get EXP later
  9. how to increase Familiarity Point?
    • Give your Mascot a snack. Snacks can only be given 3 times a day
    • Log in continuously in the game with Mascot
    • Every time you play 10 times you get 1 Familiarity Point
  10. How come my Mascot Point Familiarity is decreasing?
    • If you are not logged in or the duration of the mascot is up and not extended then the familiarity point will be reduced. Don’t leave your Mascot alone.
  11. how to get a Gift Box from Mascot?
    • You must have at least 100 Familiarity Points to get a gift in the Gift Box
  12. What prize is obtained from the Mascot Gift Box?
    • Familiarity Point 100 will get a snack
    • Familiarity Points above 300 can get an Avatar
  13. Can you get Mascot Gift Boxes every day?
    • Yes, you can get a gift from the Mascot Gift Box every day for the duration of the Mascot
  14. What level can Mascot Transform?
    • Transforms can be done when Mascot is level 25
  15. How long is the duration of the Transform?
    • Level 25-34 duration 30 minutes transform
    • Level 35-44 transform duration 45 minutes
    • Level 45-50 transform duration 60 minutes
  16. How many times a day can Mascot Transform?
    • Level 25-34 one time transform
    • Level 35-44 twice transform
    • Level 45-50 three times transform
  17. What are the benefits of Transform?
    • If you rank 1 you will make special moves to celebrate your victory. It’s guaranteed to be cool (´ ε `) ♡
    • Your Mascot Avatar will also change
  18. What is Mascot Dance?
    • Your Mascot will replace your character when playing
  19. What level can do Mascot Dance?
    1. Mascot Dance can be done if Mascot is level 50
  20. So when we play we change to Mascot?
    • Yes, like that!