Hey Audistas!
Get ready for SpookTober Party! Do you already have an accessory for your Halloween costume? Add this Permanent PeroPero Choco Bear Stick for your Halloween Fashion Style.

SpootkTober 10.10 Promo

  • Top up and Purchase a minimum of 11,000 cash and higher today in the item mall and garden and get 30 days PeroPero Choco Bear Stick
  • Top 1 to 10 Spender of October 10, 2019, will get a Permanent PeroPero Choco Bear Stick
  • Top 11 to 20 Spender of October 10, 2019, will get a 90 Days PeroPero Choco Bear Stick
  • Item insertion is within 14 days after the event duration.

Promo Duration: October 10, 2019 12:01 AM to 11:59 PM GMT+8

Participants must only purchase on the item category below:
Shopping Mall – Face, Upper Garment, Lower Garment, Shoes, Set, Item, Pet, Motion, Hardware, Emoticon, Accessory, Mark, Musical Instruments
Couple Shop – Hair, Upper Garment, Lower Garment, Shoes, Set, Pet, Accessory, Mark, Ring, Couple Certificate, Couple Item, Couple Room
Couple Garden – Seeds, Accessory, Management/Care Items, Items
Mascot Salon – Mascot, Hair, Upper Garment, Under Garment, Shoes, Set, Accessory, Item(Starting September 27)


Insertion Duration: 7 To 14 Working Days (Saturday Sunday and Holidays are not counted)