Where to find the Bingo Event Icon?

  • Event Icon is located in the Menu Folder that can be found on the lobby.

  • Once you have already clicked the Bingo Event Icon, the Bingo Window Feature will be visible.
  • Bingo Window will be composed like the image below:


How to play Bingo Event?

  • Players must play any modes in order to get a Bingo Stamp. Maximum of 6 Bingo Stamps will be getting each day from playing.
  • 3 Bingo Stamps is equal to 1 Bingo Draw.
    • How to get a Stamp?
      • Users can get play counts/stamps by playing games.
      • Every time they play one game they can get one play count.
      • Users can get play counts by 6.

  • Each draw from the Bingo Vending Machine, you may get any numbers. Once you have chosen a number, just click the Bingo Numbers you want and it will be added into your card automatically. If you were unlucky, you may get a Bingo Number that is already on your card.
    • The image UI below will be shown when players get play counts/bingo stamps.


  • Once you got a line already, you may get the rewards below for free! Just click the REWARD button for each lines and your rewards will be sent on your gift box automatically.