Hi Audistas,

Come and join us on PPXP2019 this coming Dec 15, 2019, with an awesome side activity of Audition Fam Council.

Finish the Wedding Puzzle

  • Open for family masters, including 2 representatives from their respective families, a total of 3 families.
  • 3 puzzles will be given to the participants.
  • The family that will finish the puzzles for the shortest time will win.
  • Prizes will be 3 indefinite items for the 3 participants
  • The puzzles will be created on a 1 whole illustration board with pictures of the wedding puzzles that we usually see in our couple gardens that will be cut into pieces.

Find the Logo

  • Open to all Audistas, a total of 3 participants
  • 15 pieces of balloons will be given to the participants
  • On one of the balloons there is an Audition Logo that they need to find.
  • In order to see the logo, they have to pop the balloons.
  • The person who will find the logo will win.
  • Prize will be an indefinite item.
  • The balloons are black. The logo will be created on a hard piece of paper with the picture of the logo we usually see in our characters.

Bring Me

  • This event is open for all players
  • Audition Fam Council ask for an object that Audistas needs to bring
  • The first Audista that can bring the requested item will be the winner.

Guess the Item (Solo)

  • Fee: 5 or 10php Mechanics: An item from the shopping mall will be shown, then the player who guessed the
  • correct name wins

Pass the message

  • 5 members in 2 teams
  • The facilitation will have the message for each team
  • Each team leader will read it silently
  • After that, the Team Leader will pass the message to the team mate through whisper
  • After they pass it to the last person, the last person will write it the correct and exact message, word by word.
  • The team will receive the correct message, wins the prize.

AFC Hunt (Selfie Challenge)

  • This is a Free Time Event
  • Each participant will be looking for CMBossJills and AFC Members
  • They need to take a selfie with CMBossJills, AFC President and 4 members of AFC Members. (A total of 6 selfies to be presented)
  • Once the selfies will be completed, look for AFCTins or Tinna Manalo for the checking and you will receive a prize.
  • first 5 complete selfies will be rewarded a prize

The prize for this event is a permanent Cool and white sets