• Valdr
  • Silvian,
  • Xeunille

Team Bang (CEBU)

  • Nirya
  • Nelmoji
  • Keviiin

Team Chocobum (DAVAO)

  • Macroscopy
  • Slowly
  • Barvy

BG Invaderz 2.0 (BUTUAN)

  • Kilmer
  • Legendary
  • Wendsj


  • All decisions made by the Tournament Facilitators are final.
  • Strict compliance of the “headphones off’ and “hands-off keyboards” policy before and after each song
  • if one of the members is not available on the scheduled date of the tournament the team will be disqualified and the first runner up will replace the incomplete member.



  • BEST OF FIVE; First to win 3 rounds will be the winner
  • Number of Round: 1
  • Mode: Team – C4
  • Chance: Reverse
  • Change Level: Level 3
  • Music: Random 120~140


  • BEST OF FIVE; First to win 3 rounds will be the winner
  • Mode: Team – C8
  • Chance: Bomb
  • Change Level: Level 3
  • Music: Random 140~


    • 3,000 PlayPark load + Slot for Final 4 APC 2020
  • 1st RunnerUP
    • 2,400 PlayPark load
  • 2nd RunnerUP
    • 1,500 PlayPark load
  • 3rd RunnerUP
    • 900 PlayPark load

Disqualification Rules:

  • Players who are not present and/or not able to register during the given time will be disqualified
  • Intentional disconnection (ALT F4/Manual DC) will lead to the forfeiture of the match.
  • If he/she used the modified game client, third-party software or programs during the match that are not made, not affiliated and not being distributed by the game developer or any Playpark Staff. Always bear in mind that the only LEGAL programs are the GAME CLIENT and its HACK PROTECTION SOFTWARE itself.
  • PlayPark Inc. and officials ofPlaypark shall reserve the right to suspend, ban, and/or punish a player or clan without prior notice for any violation as they deem necessary.
  • Playpark Inc. and officials of Playpark has the right to hold and not to give all prizes of disqualified teams.
  • Playpark and officials of Playpark have the right to change/delete portions/expound/clarify/interpret tournament rules depending on circumstances as they see fit for a fair and balanced tournament environment.
  • The decision of the tournament officials IS FINAL.

Last Man Standing Tournament (Each Area)

  • Free Registration


  • The player must register to the event area. A slot reservation is not allowed.
  • Participants will be using their personal accounts in the tournament.
  • All decisions made by the tournament facilitator is final.
  • Players must battle 1on1 with another player.
  • The player with the highest score wins the round.
  • Participants found cheating will be permanently banned.
  • Level Requirement: Level 15

Game Settings

  • Game Mode: Normal Mode – Sync 8
  • Chance Mode Off
  • Song: Random 120~140


  • 250,000 Ingame Cash

Runner – Up

  • 150,000 Ingame Cash

Roll A Dice


  • All Audition Players of Manila


  • Players should purchase, top-up and convert 50 Playpark Load at the Event Venue to able to join the event.
  • After presenting the Playpark Load and t, he/she may roll the 2 dice.
  • 1Dice for the items and 1 Dice for the duration.


  • Colorful Carnival Wings
  • Cookie’s Wings
  • Delicate Pink Wings
  • Geheimnis Wings
  • Ginchu Wings
  • HeartyHeart Wings


Get FREE EXCLUSIVE ITEM OF CHOICE! Just avail PlayPark Load at the event area worth of,

  • 350
  • 500
  • 700
  • 1100
  • 1200
  • 1500
  • 1800


  • Playpark Prepaid Card must be purchased at the event area to be qualified for the promo.
  • Playpark Prepaid Card must be topped-up and converted to Audition Next Level at the event area to get the exclusive free items.
  • Purchase made must be validated by Playpark Staff before choosing which exclusive items to get.

Disclaimer: Changes will be implemented by the PlayPark Audition Next Level Team if needed without further notice.

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