Feeling the summer heat? Come and let’s us chill out in the newest update of Audition Next Level, Indoor Summer Fun!

Check out the patch details below:

I. Game Update

New Songs

Music Master Score CC8 & CC4

Sample Master Scoreboard

New Fashion Mall Items

March Spender’s Curse Winners Avatar Items

Top 1 – baliw

Top 2 – Yohji

Top 3 – Finnegan

Top 4 – Komi

Top 5 – ll_Kaori_ll

AuditionSEA Items

New Couple Shop Items

Summer Outlet Collection

II. Bugs

Already Fixed

  • Two-Hands Mode Disconnection
  • Winning Motion Disconnection

Known Bugs

  • Outlet Bug Count
  • Disconnection at Arena Channels

We have already notified our Game Developers. We will be posting an announcement once we already have the fix for it.

Help us make Audition Next Level a better place by reporting bugs, issues and event rewards follow ups at PlayPark iBox.

III. Events

April Dance Challenge Event Link

Summer Slam Tournaments Event Link

April Newbie Package

April Convert Promo Link

Shopaholic Madness Promo Link

Happy Dancing!