Feeling the summer heat? Come and let’s chill out in the newest update of Audition Next Level, Indoor Summer Fun! 

I. Game Update

Gift Box Renewal

  • 10 slots per page

Song Update

Music List Update

73kanjongwookhurricane (Feat. Carlos – Uptown)>Kan Jong WookStorm (Feat. Carlos from Uptown) (Easy)
80KamikazeRak hcan Riak Wa Thoe>KamikazeRak Chan Riak Waa Ter (Calling You For Love)
81Seo Mun TakVictoria>Seomoon TakVictoria
82AuditionIf it rains(easy)>AuditionTrain Running on The Sea When It Rains (Easy)
83KrisIn To The Skies>Kris LeoneIn To The Skies
86Jade Liu and Arron YanTiAmo>Jay ChouBu Ai Wo Jiu La Dao (If You Don’t Love Me, It’s Fine)
90Post Malone, Swae LeeSunflower>Post MaloneSunflower (with Swae Lee)
92G.NAKiss Me>G.NAWill You Kiss Me
95PK HEMANEvergreen>PK HaemanEvergreen
96AuditionLike For Like>AuditionEyes on Eyes
96RITA ORALet You Love Me>Rita OraLet You Love Me
98GirfriendsShort gentleman’s song(Feat.HaHA & Il Mun)>GFriendShort Song (Feat. HaHa & Il Mun)
98KimberlyHeartbeat>Kimberly ChenHeartbeat
98Nara JangMy boy>Jang Na-raMy Boy
100EXIDHow Why>EXIDHow Why (Easy)
100FreeStyleWords from my heart>FreestyleWords From My Heart (Feat. Hanyi)
100KARD Oh NaNa>KARDOh NaNa (feat. Hur Young Ji)
100YangYoSeopCaffeine>Yang Yo-seobCaffeine
102Akdong200%>Akdong Musician200%
102Ed Sheeran & Justin BieberI Don’t Care>Ed SheeranI Don’t Care (with Justin Bieber)
103Ariana Grande ft. Miley Cyrus & Lana Del ReyDon’t Call Me Angel>Ariana GrandeDon’t Call Me Angel (feat. Miley Cyrus & Lana Del Rey)
103Maroon FiveMisery>Maroon 5Misery
105AuditionCanon 2007>AuditionCanon 2007 (Easy)
105Ji Young SuhStay In Me>Seo Ji-youngStay In Me
106AuditionWhat do you want me to do>AuditionWhat To Do
106JinooseanHow Deep Is Your Love>JinuseanHow Deep Is Your Love
106TAEYEONSpark>Kim Tae-yeonSpark
108SNSDNew World>SNSDInto The New World
110Girls GenerationTwinkle>TaeTiSeoTwinkle
110Jacks KidsCouple>SechskiesCouple
110MJFlowers, And You>MJFlowers, And You (feat. Kim Flower)
112Don’tKnow FamilyIt’s not late>Namola FamilyIt’s Never Too Late
112Epik High ft Lee HiIts Cold>Epik HighIts Cold (feat. Lee Hi)
112GFRIENDMy Buddy>GFriendMy Buddy
112WhisungLove is delicious>WheesungLove is delicious
113BTS ft. Steve AokiThe Truth Untold>BTSThe Truth Untold (feat. Steve Aoki)
114GfriendGlass Bead>GFriendGlass Bead
115Jacks KidsSchool Song>SechskiesSchool Song
115Kim Jong MinBump>Kim Jong MinPit-a-Pat (feat. Gilmi)
115Xiao Pan Pan & Xiao Feng Feng Xue Mao Jiao>Xiao Pan Pan & Xiao Feng FengXue Mao Jiao (Learn Sound Like Cats)
116IZONELa Vie en Rose>IZ*ONELa Vie en Rose
116TVXQ!Before U Go>TVXQBefore U Go
118FXPinocchio>f(x)Pinocchio (Danger)
118Jo Kwon and GainWe fell inlove>Jo KwonWe Fell In Love (with Ga-In)
118SNSDKissing you>SNSDKissing You
120AFTERSCHOOLBang>After SchoolBang!
120AuditionWell, you know>AuditionI Don’t Know
120Big BangLollipop Pt.2>BIGBANGLollipop Part 2
120GFRIENDUnder the Sky>GFriendUnder The Sky
120Haha & SkullBusan Vacance>SkullWaikiki Brothers (with HaHa)
120JinooseanTell Me>JinuseanTell Me (feat. Uhm Jung-hwa)
120NamirinRenai Circulation (Cover)>Kana HanazawaRenai Circulation
120PK HEMANEvergreen Part 2 (Feat. Cyndi)>PK HaemanEvergreen Part 2 (Feat. Cyndi)
120WhisungTell Me>WheesungTell Me
123FxHot Summer>f(x)Hot Summer
123Kim Hyung JoonSleepness Night>Kim Hyung JunSleepness Night (feat. Gil Me)
124AuditionDoctor Love>AuditionLove Doctor
124AuditionThump Thump>AuditionPit-a-Pat
124RanSeeing you again>RanSeeing You Again (feat. H-Eugene)
125AkdongI Love You>Akdong MusicianI Love You
125AuditionA little>AuditionLittle
125BlingBlingTomboy>Bling BlingTomboy
125Cho Yong PhilBounce>Cho Yong PilBounce
125F xChu~?>f(x)Chu~
126AuditionOh,my girl>AuditionOh My Girl
126DivaThat’s What Love Is>DivaThat’s What Happen When In Love
126Ji Yoon ParkPrecious Love>Park Ji-yoonPrecious Love
126TaraLittle Apple>T-araLittle Apple
126TrainHey, Soul Sister (Karmatronic Club Mix)>TrainHey, Soul Sister (Karmatronic Radio Edit)
127Glenn MorrisonTokyo Cries(Radio Edit)(featuring Christian Burns)>Glenn MorrisonTokyo Cries (Radio Edit) (Feat. Christian Burns)
127TurtlesSing la la la>TurtlesSing Lala
128AuditionMr.No.1 guideline>AuditionMr. Number One Guide
128AuditionEx Girlfriend>AuditionX Girlfriend
128AuditionUnder the Sun>AuditionUnder The Sun
128Brown eyed girlsAbracadabra>Brown Eyed GirlsAbracadabra
128Humming Urban StereoD.D.D>Humming Urban StereoD.D.D (feat. Instant Romantic Floor)
128Laidback Luke & Marc BenjaminWe’re Forever>Laidback LukeWe’re Forever (feat. Marc Benjamin)
128T-AraSugar Free>T-araSugar Free
128Vanze ft. Brenton MattheusForever>VanzeForever (feat. Brenton Mattheus)
128WACKYBOYSDou Dou Na Bian>WACKYBOYSDou Dou Na Bian (Acne Over There)
1304 minuteVolume up>4MinuteVolume Up
130AuditionTime passes by>AuditionEven After Time Passes
130AuditionSo if I were you>AuditionIf You Are
130AuditionWind>AuditionWind Door
130AuditionHow to say>AuditionHow
130Big BangDirty Cash>BIGBANGDirty Cash
130Don Omar feat. LucenzoDanza Kudoro>Don OmarDanza Kudoro (feat. Lucenzo)
130Harms ft. MoodieTell Me>HarmsTell Me (feat. Moodie)
130JewelryDon칣 tell Good Bye>JewelryDon’t Tell Good Bye
130sungje and jiyoungMerry Love>Kang Ji-youngMerry Love (with Kim Sung-je)
131DavichiEverlasting Love>See YaEverlasting Love (feat. Davichi & Ji-yeon)
131FXLollipop (feat. SHINee)>f(x)Lollipop (feat. SHINee)
131G.NAOh Good>G.NAOh, Good!
132Jung Hyun LeeGoing Crazy>Lee Jung-hyunGoing Crazy
132RatyMellow>LAY-TSoft Soft
132Rio VegasRio Vegas(Radio Edit)(featuring Sapir Asy>Rio VegasRio Vegas (Radio Edit) (feat. Sapir Asy)
132Sojin & Dok2Finale>SojinFinale (with Dok2)
134BNRLearn and Love to Write (Feat. Lyn, VerbalJint)>BNRLearning How To Love (feat. Lyn & Verbal Jint)
134G.NABlack and white>G.NABlack & White
134Girls’ Generation & 2PMCabi Song>SNSDCabi Song (with 2PM)
134One TimeWithout You>1TYMWithout You
135Big BangLast Farewell>BIGBANGLast Farewell
136CoolI love you>CoolI Love You (2016 Remastered Ver.)
136MissABad girl Good girl>Miss ABad Girl, Good Girl
136SongJiBright Memories>Song JiBright Memories
137CoolBefor I feel sad.>CoolBefore Sadness Comes
138AuditionI am>AuditionFor Sure
138AuditionDon’t play Around>AuditionDon’t Mess Around
138Lovely Pretty Girls (LPG)Jang Yiyohri>Lovely Pretty GirlsPrincess of the Sea
140AuditionI will be very good to you>AuditionI’ll Be Very Good To You
140AuditionI am sorry>AuditionSorry
140AuditionDon’t crazy, my heart>AuditionDon’t Cry My Heart
140Kym Jin ShaBu Ke Si Yi>Kym Jin ShaBu Ke Si Yi (Unbelievable)
140ROCKSTEDDYU.T.I (UMASA TAPOS INIWAN)>RocksTeddyU.T.I. (Umasa Tapos Iniwan)
140Tae YeonI Love You>Kim Tae-yeonI Love You
141JeonJiYoon(4Minute)Between love and friendship>Jeon Ji-yoonBetween Love and Friendship
141Lee Jung HyunWa (Come)>Lee Jung-hyunCome
142CoolIf you marry>CoolIf You Marry Me
144Black PearlGo Go Sing>Black PearlLet’s Go
145ApinkEung Eung>Apink%% (Eung Eung)
146GanjongukStorm (Feat. Carlos – Uptown)>Kan Jong WookStorm (Feat. Carlos from Uptown) (Hard)
146RADWIMPS feat. Toko MiuraGrand Escape>RADWIMPSGrand Escape (feat. Toko Miura)
150Arjun ft. Arijit SinghIll Be Waiting>ArjunI’ll Be Waiting (feat. Arijit Singh)
150Chen JIaua EllaZhong Yu Ai (Finally In Love)>Ella ChenZhong Yu Ai (Finally In Love)
150PK HERMANLess (Feat. Ji Hye Lee)>PK HaemanCan’t Forget (feat. Lee Ji-hye)
150SHEAi Shang Ni>S.H.EAi Shang Ni (Loving You)
153NighwishShe Is My Sin>NightwishShe Is My Sin
154V.A.Deja Vu>Dave RodgersDeja Vu
158G. NaIf you want a lover (with Rain)>G.NAWhat I Want To Do Once I Have A Lover (Feat. Rain)
159SuperstarI Love You Madly (Feat. Tia)>SuperstarLove You Like Crazy (Feat. Tia)
160Kira Kira KillerCarly Crazy Girl>Kyary Pamyu PamyuKira Kira Killer
160SevenOnce, Just Once>Se7enOne More Time
164AuditionIf it rains(Hard)>AuditionTrain Running on The Sea When It Rains (Hard)
164Wheesung7days (Hard)>Wheesung7Days (Hard)
170SevenLove Story>Se7enLove Story (feat. Masta Wu)
175AuditionDay by day>AuditionEveryday
1802NE1Follow Me>2NE1Try to Follow Me
180Brown eyed girlsYou>Brown Eyed GirlsYou
188Jong Gook KimLovely>Kim Jong KookLovely

Fashion Mall Items



AuditionSEA Items

Couple Shop Items

Restored DEN Items

II. Bugs

Known bugs

  • Mascot Gift Bug – Do not use
  • Outlet Bug Count
  • Disconnection at Arena Channels
  • Off Beat/Low Quality Songs
  • Normal Arena Mark
  • FAM Seasonal Effect Reward
  • IP Cafe EXP Bonus
  • Shocking Annoy Face Disconnection
  • Love Party DEN requirement for watchers
  • FAM Attendance Button
  • Translation for FAM Bulletin Board
  • Newbie – Style Setting Clothes (Do not pick any other clothes for the meantime. Just customize the Skin Color)
  • Delay Audition Gift Box
  • Beat Rush Battle Party Missing Mode
  • Couple Garden Gift Bag – Missing Rewards
  • Couple Garden Expansion Double Purchase (Once you have already purchased it, do not click the re-purchase button again.)

We have already notified our Game Developers. We will be posting an announcement once we already have the fix for it.

Help us make Audition Next Level a better place by reporting bugs, issues and event rewards follow ups at PlayPark iBox.

III. Events

April Newbie Package Event Link

April Dance Challenge Event Link

Summer Slam Mini Tournament Event Link

SGMY Convert Promo Link

Spender’s Curse Promo Link

April Top 14 Spender Vaganza Promo Link

Happy Dancing!