Event 1: 500 Dance Challenge

Eligibility: All Audition Next Level Accounts
Duration: 1st – 31st May 2020

  1. Players must login and reach 500 rounds to get the rewards.
  2. Rounds are counted from 12:00 AM – 11:59 PM.
  3. Must gain EXP and DEN in each rounds.


  • 9MUSIC Set (F)
  • Golden Leopard Set (M)
  • Face not included.

Event 2: Newbie Package

Eligibility: All newly created ANL accounts
Duration: 1st – 31st May 2020

  • Must reach level 5 and above.

Rewards: Vague Shy Set (F/M)

Event 3: Wedding Day

Couple who will get married on the 8th of every month will receive an Indefinite ANL Rose Wedding Set for Female and ANL Red Wedding Suit for Male for free. Couples that will split before the insertion will not receive any rewards.

Event 4: Moderator’s Mini Tournament and SNS Events

Our Game Moderators will be facilitating their events. Please stay tuned to our Facebook Pages for the mechanics and Champion rewards.

Participation reward for Mini Tournament: 7 Days Faith Flamingo Wings (w/ flying effect)

Event 4: Discord Events


Eligibility: All ANL Players in Discord Server
Duration: Saturday and Sunday @ 7PM
Mechanics: 3 players will be chosen randomly to play a game of hangman, the category is gonna be random. Each player will have a turn to pick a letter to guess the word, the first player to guess the right word wins the round.
Rewards: 30 Days Premium Messenger Plus and 7 Days Peach Annoying Symbol

Nadeko Bot Event

Eligibility: All ANL Players in Discord Server
Duration: 1st – 31st May 2020

  1. Discord server must hit 800 members, once reached, Nadeko’s XP service will begin.
  2. Members must hit certain level to get the rewards.
  3. To gain XP: members must chat on any #text-channels in the server, if a member levels up a notice will appear.
  4. Members must be wary of chat spamming, server bot will mute you for a certain day if: you send chats faster than moms spread gossip or if you input the same texts several times.
  5. Game Moderators will be sending PM to get the rewards.


  • Level 21 – 60 Days Pooh Bear Pet
  • Level 31 – Indefinite AU Cool Star Set
  • Level 41 – Indefinite Haziel Wings

Discord Server Invite Link: https://discord.gg/gxhuXY4

Event 5: Telegram Milestone Event

Eligibility: All ANL – SGMY Players
Duration: 24th April – 31st May 2020

Simply join to our Telegram channel and invite your friends to increase the milestone rewards!

300 subscribers: 30 Days Pooh Bear Pet (Met)
800 subscribers: Indefinite AU Cool Star Set
1200 subscribers: Indefinite Haziel Wings

Download Links

Registration Link

Refill Center

Awarding: All prizes will be inserted within 15 working days after the event.

Happy dancing!