Hey Audistas,

Check out all the amazing goodies waiting for you in our Patch 0066.

I. Game Update

Song Update

Listen to the new songs that will surely make you bust the move!

  • Astronomia 2k19 was added.
  • Hazakura will be hidden for the meantime. We are currently fixing the beat.
  • We have rollback the music list from Patch 0063. For the music list, kindly go to this link: bit.ly/ANLPatch0063Notes


Shopping Mall Items

Shop ’til you drop with the new items at the shopping mall!



April Spender’s Curse Items

AuditionSEA Items

We’re bringing back the AuditionSEA shopping mall items too!

Outlet Items

Due to massive request, we will be updating the Outlet Item Tags for this month!



II. Bugs


  • Mascot Gifting
  • Shocking Annoy Face Disconnection
  • Love Party – Money entry requirement drop down button

Known Bugs

  • Outlet Bug Count
  • Mascot Quest Quest Issue
  • Dress changed after going to Mascot Salon
  • Mascot Salon wrong food/item price deduction
  • Disconnection at Arena Channels
  • Off Beat/Low Quality Songs
  • Normal Arena Mark
  • FAM Seasonal Effect Reward
  • IP Cafe EXP Bonus
  • FAM Attendance Button
  • Translation for FAM Bulletin Board
  • Newbie – Style Setting Clothes (Do not pick any other clothes for the meantime. Just customize the Skin Color)
  • Delay Audition Gift Box
  • Couple Garden Gift Bag – Missing Rewards
  • Couple Garden Expansion Double Purchase (Once you have already purchased it, do not click the re-purchase button again.)

III. Events

May 500 Dance Challenge Link

May Newbie Package Link

Discord Events Link

Telegram Event Link

  • Exclusive event for SG and MY players only.

May Top 14 Spender Vaganza Link

First Time Top Up and Convert Link

Sweet Patbingsu Promo Link

See y’all in-game! Happy dancing~