I. Game Updates

Song Update

Listen to the new songs from AuditionSEA that will surely make you bust the move!


Avatar Items

Shop ’til you drop with the new items at the shopping mall!

Fashion Mall Items



AuditionSEA Items

May Spender’s Curse Items

Couple Shop Items

New Crazy Dance Moves

Level 10
Level 11

II. Bugs

Fixed Bugs

  • All DEN items are now available at the item mall. You may now buy or sell any DEN items.
  • All Cash items under My Items will be loaded first in the shopping mall instead of Dens items.
  • The Emoticon Commands below can now be used.
    • Peach Annoying Symbol – from ;dizzy to ;dsy
    • Racoon Emoticon – from ;hail to ;hyl and from ;nosy to ;nsi
  • Kira Kira Killer song is now hidden from One-Two Party mode due to disconnection bugs.
  • An error message will be shown once you reach the max den and will not be disconnected anymore. “You have already reached the max den.”
  • Mascot Avatar Set – Fairy Blue Star Jumper can now be purchase.

Known Bugs – Not yet fixed

  • Cannot claim the Mascot gift box avatar items that are currently existing on your Mascot’s item inventory. You can only claim the gift/s once the current items on Mascot’s item inventory are already expired.
  • Certain DJ Decks will combine together in the preview box from the item mall.
  • Couple Garden Expansion Double Purchase (Once you have already purchased it, do not click the re-purchase button again.)
  • Couple Garden Gift Bag – Missing Rewards
  • Delay issues when receiving the rewards from Audition Diego Gift Box
  • Dress changed after going to Mascot Salon
  • FAM Attendance Button
  • FAM Seasonal Effect Reward
  • Incorrect Translation for FAM Bulletin Board
  • Incorrect Translation for Mascot Quest
  • Incorrect Translation for Story Mode
  • IP Cafe EXP Bonus
  • Normal Arena Mark
  • Off Beat/Low Quality Songs
  • Outlet Bug Count

We have already notified our Game Developers. We will be posting an announcement once we already have the fix for it.

Help us make Audition Next Level a better place by reporting bugs, issues and event rewards follow ups at PlayPark iBox.

Please be advised that those users found to be exploiting the major bugs will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

III. Promos and Events

*Click the images for the full mechanics.*

Happy dancing!