[Patch 0071 Notes] Couple Info Renewal


Couple Info Renewal

Current Version

Latest Version

Song Update

Listen to the new songs featuring AuditionSEA songs that will surely make you bust the move!

New Songs

AuditionSEA Songs


NightLife Town Decoration

Avatar Items

Shop ’til you drop with the new items at the shopping mall and couple shop!

Couple Shop

Couple Information Name and Motion

You can edit the text at the Couple Info from your Couple License – Couple Name section.

Fashion Mall Items



II. Bugs

Fixed Bugs

  • Couple Garden Expansion Double Purchase
  • Updated Translation for Mascot Quest
  • You can now see the exact EXP that will be added on your account from each DJ Booth.

Known Bugs – Not yet fix

  • Cannot enter to Arena Channels
  • Certain DJ Decks will combine together in the preview box from the item mall.
  • Couple Garden Gift Bag – Missing Rewards
  • Delay issues when receiving the rewards from Audition Diego Gift Box
  • Dress changed after going to Mascot Salon
  • FAM Attendance Button
  • FAM Seasonal Effect Reward
  • Incorrect Translation for FAM Bulletin Board
  • Incorrect Translation for Story Mode
  • IP Cafe EXP Bonus
  • Normal Arena Mark
  • Off Beat/Low Quality Songs
  • Old Black Label Items became basic supply.
  • Outlet Bug Count
  • Settings in Messenger for “Block Private Message & Block Messenger”.
  • Some DEN items are still hidden.
  • Weird symbol appears if a player blocked the PM from the settings found in messenger (Block Private Message). Instead of indicating the IGN who has blocked the PM, it will show as “%s has blocked all whispers”.

III. Promos and Events

Ongoing Events

Ongoing Promo