Clubber of the Year

Hey Audistas!

It is time for our Annual Clubber of The Year 2020! This time, we have a brand-new mechanics waiting for you on the Dance Floor! Who will be our ultimate Clubber of The Year this year?

Stay tuned to Playpark Audition SGMY Facebook Page on 06th & 13th December 2020 for our Clubber of The Year 2020 Online Event.

This event is organized by Tin Wei Chen (Remy). Sponsored by Playpark, Bountie Arena & Tin Wei Chen (Remy).

Event Details:

  • Date: 06th December 2020 (Gentlemen League), 13th December 2020 (Ladies League)
  • Time: 1300 hrs to 1800 hrs (GMT +8)
  • Venue: Online Streaming (All Players), Bountie Arena (Tournament Participants)
  • Address: 1 Fusionopolis Way, #B1-06/07/08, Singapore 138632 (Tournament Participants ONLY)

Event Lineup:

  • Clubber of The Year 2020 Tournament
  • Gentlemen VS Ladies Champion League
  • Online Door Gift
  • Bountie Arena x PlayPark December Bundle Sales
  • Mini Games

Tournament Details

COVID 19 Precautions

  • This tournament will be a private event where only participating players can attend the event in staggered timing. It will be closed to non-participating players.
  • Safe Distancing & Temperature taking will be conducted before the event. Players who are not feeling well will not be allowed to compete in this tournament. Players should adhere to the 1-meter safe distancing measures and not interact with one another physically.
  • The overall scope of this event will be conducted online via Playpark SGMY Facebook Page.
  • We will also reduce minimal contact with players and use a more digital approach to handle all event aspects (such as registration).
  • The areas which the players use will be disinfected thoroughly before the next person uses.

Tournament Rules

  1. For the safety of everyone & to keep align with the COVID-19 precautions, do not mingle with others.
  2. Do not leave your allocated seat to walk around the premises.
  3. Map used during tournament will be Hip Hop Street. All players must keep map turned on (Black screen settings is not allowed).
  4. Substitution event accounts will be used throughout during the event.
  5. Players will not be allowed to use their personal devices such as keyboard/mouse/headset during the tournament. All players must use the allocated PC and the provided gears.
  6. All players will use the default PC specifications.
  7. In the event of any abnormalities of the PC which affects game play, do raise your hand and alert event marshals immediately when it happens. We will not entertain individual re-match requests once the game has ended unless there is a lag on a global level.
  8. Intentional disconnections (such as ALT F4) will lead to score being 0 for that round.
  9. There will be no warm-ups throughout the tournament except during Finals.
  10. Our Event Marshals has the full authority to issue warning or to disqualify any players caught breaching any of the stated rules above.

Tournament Explained

  1. This tournament is split into 2 categories, Gentlemen & Ladies League. Depending on the player’s real-life gender, they will be categorized into the respect League upon registration.
  2. Both Leagues are playing the same mechanics (songs/mode) as indicated. Randomization will be done separately for each league.
  3. In the Qualifying Round, it will be based on combined score, which 20 players from each league will advance to the Quarter Finals.
  4. Subsequently from Quarter Finals till Finals, players will be playing a match in which last position of each round will be eliminated. The remaining players would then continue until the remaining players are left standing.
  5. Road to ASGMYC Champion and 1st Runner Up will automatically advance to Finals for Clubber of The Year 2020.

Tournament PC Specifications

Tournament Mechanics

Clubber of The Year 2020 – Gentlemen’s League Participants

Clubber of The Year 2020 – Ladies League Participants

Tournament Prizes (Both Leagues)

Image of Calash Set, ANL Champion Trophy, Mark Master &DJ Love Studio

Image of Josh Kalis Set (F/M)

Side Event – Gentleman vs Lady Champions Battle

The Champion from both the Gentlemen & Ladies League will battle in a 1 v 1 showdown on 13th December 2020. Who do you think will be the ultimate winner? #TeamGentlemen #TeamLadies

Image of Bloody B975 Gaming Keyboard

Door Gift

06th Dec 2020Mystery Gift *TBC*
13th Dec 2020Mystery Gift *TBC*
  • Valid for SGMY Players ONLY. False Redemption may result in Account Suspension as indicated in our Audition Next Level Game Policy
  • All Tournament Participants will automatically be credited the Door Gifts if they are participating on the day itself.
  • Door Gift Details & Form will be provided via Playpark SGMY Online Stream on the respective dates indicated above.

Bountie x Audition Next Level December Package

Bountie Package 1 and Package 2


Mini Games

Our Event Streamers will conduct Mini Games on their discretion during the Stream! Be sure to tune in to the stream and watch out for our surprises!


  • 10 x Indefinite Green Fairy Butterfly Wings
  • 10 x 50,000 ANL Cash