• Level 5 and above


  • Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 4 PM (GMT +8)

Server and Channel:

  • Jukebox; Guitar

Lucky 7

  • Monday
  • Mode: Choreography
  • Song: Random 140~
  • Chance: Off Reverse
  • Insane: Off
  • Map: Hip Hop Streetz
  • Rule: Player with the most number of 7 in his/her score wins (e.g. 777,777)
  • Reward: 30 Days Happy Tiki Board

Club Dance

  • Tuesday
  • Mode: Club Dance 2
  • Song: Random 120~140
  • Chance: Off Reverse
  • Insane: Off
  • Map: CLUB SH
  • Rule: Couple/Partner with the highest heart points wins
  • Reward: 30 Days Charming Sunset Board

Team Battle

  • Wednesday
  • Mode: Normal – Team Sync 4
  • Song: Random 120~140 BPM
  • Chance: Off Reverse
  • Insane: Off
  • Map: Hip Hop Street
  • Rule: Team with the highest score will be the winners
  • Reward: 30 Days Tough Barracuda Board

Combo Master

  • Friday
  • Mode: Perfect Champion
  • Song: Random 120~140 BPM
  • Chance: Off Reverse
  • Insane: Off
  • Map: Hip Hop Street
  • Rule: Player with the highest number of perfect combo will be the winner.
  • Reward: 30 Days Flower Concept Board

General Rules:

  • Players may only win once per event.
  • Players caught cheating or behaving inappropriately will be penalized as the GM Facilitators deem fit.
  • Disconnection (ALT F4/Manual DC/Internet Issues) will lead to the disqualification.
  • Participants must follow the rules set forth by the GM Facilitator.
  • The decisions of the GM Facilitators and officials are all FINAL.
  • All rewards will be inserted within 15 days.

May be a cartoon of one or more people and text

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