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Summer nights and fruit cocktails are in full swing! Dress to impress with new items and songs to celebrate the beginning of the summer season! Check out the latest patch’s details here:

I. Game Updates

New Songs


BPMArtistSong Title
98Backstreet BoysAs Long As You Love Me
98One TimeHot
102Paris HiltonStars are Blind
107Matt NathansonFaster
125Justine BieberWhat Do You Mean?
1284MINUTEI My Me Mine
134SNSDCatch Me If You Can
158Crystal KayGirl Friend (feat. BoA)


BPMArtistSong Title
86Lin Yu ZhongKong Qiu Qian
114GFriendLove Whisper
128EXO & Yoo Jae SukDancing King
128KrewellaLive For The Night
146Red VelvetDumb Dumb
153Sunny HillThe Grasshopper Song
174SecretShy Boy

New Shopping Mall Items


Musical Instrument



II. Bugs

Known Bugs (not yet fixed)

  • Arena Time – Couple & Beat Up
  • Delay issues when receiving the rewards from Audition Diego Gift Box
  • Disconnection appears after mixing the secret garden and getting the “Psychotria Special Seed”.
  • Dress changed after going to Mascot Salon
  • FAM Attendance Button
  • FAM Channel information
  • FAM Seasonal Effect Reward
  • Guitar Arena Mark
  • Incorrect Translation – FAM Bulletin Board
  • Incorrect Translation – Some episodes in Story Mode
  • Incorrect Translation – Couple Garden Items (Star Shape & Heart Shape Sign)
  • IP Cafe EXP Bonus
  • Love Party Cancel Button is distorted.
  • Off Beat/Low Quality Songs
  • Secret Garden – Herbs after combination does not reflect the accurate count ‘hotfix’: Re-enter the garden to reflect the correct number
  • Unable to purchase some of the items from FAM/Club Shop. (Green Meadow, Nairobi, ellie bulletin, Kirin train clock)
  • Unable to use the “Couple Battle Party Reset” ticket.

We have already notified our Game Developers. We will be posting an announcement once we already have the fix for it.

Help us make Audition Next Level a better place by reporting bugs, issues and event rewards follow ups at E-Support.

Please be advised that those users found to be exploiting the major bugs will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

III. Events and Promotions

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  • Due to some technical issues, VIP Gold Mark will be patched on the 2nd patch update for this April 2021. VIP Gold Mark rewards will be inserted after this mentioned update.


  • All events and promotions are subject to change without prior notice.

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