Hi Audistas!

What’s more romantic than an evening serenade surrounded by the cool nightly breeze slowly filling the starry sky with music? Well, of course, it is Audition Next Level’s Patch 102! New songs and new items are here to make your July much more romantic than any sunset!

Check out the details below:

I. Game Updates

Song Updates


81Justin BieberMistletoe
83Shawn MendesTreat You Better
90Owl CityFireflies (Easy)
92DivaGet The Party
95DayaHide Away
97Lee HyoriHey Girl
109SE7ENBaby I Like You Like That
115Lil DickyMolly (feat. Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco)


115Wang Lee HomHeart Beat
123BEASTBeautiful Night
125Nicki MinajStarships
130Taylor SwiftYou Belong With Me
133A7Love Forever More
136GUMMYYou Are My Everything
138Touhou ProjectBad Apple (feat. Niconico & nomico)

BGM Master Songs

80KamikazeRak Chan Riak Waa Ter (Calling You For Love)
83Lauren AquilinaKing
83BTSFor You
83Yumi LacsamanaKayo
90LiSACrossing Field (EASY)
90MarioI Choose You
90SistarMa Boy
95Taylor SwiftDelicate
95Blue EncountPolaris (EASY)
96AuditionNew York
96Akdong MusicianGive Love
98Chae LeeTemptation
100KT Long FlowingIt’s Good You Dumped Me (Easy)
100Backstreet BoysQuit playing Games
102Pop GirlsMy Love
103Sam Smith & NormaniDancing With A Stranger
105Eric ChouZhong Yu Liao Jie Zi You (Freedom)
108SNSDInto The New World
108(G-Idea)Summer Crush (feat. Shin Bo Kyung)
110DidiI’ll Be Missing You
112JJ LinHigh Fashion
113BTSThe Truth Untold (feat. Steve Aoki)
114Dice & K9Make You Feel
114GFriendGlass Bead
115Xiao Pan Pan & Xiao Feng Feng Xue Mao Jiao (Learn Sound Like Cats)
115NS Yoon JiThe Reason I Became a Witch
120AuditionI Don’t Know
120Michael V.Hindi Ako Bakla
120Ko Doo RimIceCream
120Miliyah Kato x Shota ShimizuLove Forever
120AJ MItchellSay it Again
120Kie KitanoHazakura
120T-ara & SupernovaTime To Love Listen 2
120UsherDJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love (feat. Pitbull)
120Teen TopMiss Right
125Justine BieberWhat Do You Mean?
126SB19Go Up
128HanbitchanPUMP PUMP
128HardwellFollow Me (Feat. Jason Derulo)
128AuditionJust Stay By Your Side
130Super JuniorSorry Sorry
132AuditionBye Bye
132T-araSexy Love
133B1A4Tried To Walk
133Xie Jin YanJie Jie
134Girls GenerationCatch Me If You Can
135Nara JangI am too a woman
136BTSGo Go
138AuditionTo him(2009mini album)
138Lovely Pretty GirlsPrincess of the Sea
138AuditionDon’t Mess Around
140AuditionDoo Doop
142AuditionSpain Moonlight
143Britney SpearsToxic
143Lupe FiascoThe Show Goes On
146Post MaloneGrand Escape (feat. Toko Miura)
148Jessie JFlashlight
150Humming Urban Stereoxoxo (feat As One)
150Mikko TapalesLalalala Love (I Just Miss Love)
150Red VelvetBad Boy
150ArjunI’ll Be Waiting (feat. Arijit Singh)
150K LaoShan Ding Hei Du She
152BLACKPINKPretty Savage
152LiSAHomura (Flame)
155Mighty MouthEnergy (feat. Sun Ye of Wonder Girls)
156TurboTwist King
158Crystal KayGirl Friend (feat. BoA)
158Mad ClownWithout You (Feat. Hyorin)
162Ayumi HamasakiSunrise~LOVE is ALL~
164BuckBarefoot Youth
168Wild Rose ThornOnly You (Hard)
168Cherry FilterRomantic Cat
170TWICEWhat is Love? (Kor Ver.) (Hard)
178JewelryRally (feat. Nassun)
182Maroon 5Memories (HARD)
188Kim Jong KookLovely
190Blue EncountPolaris (HARD)
192Jay ParkAll I Wanna Do (HARD)
197MAYDAYLian ai-ING (Love-ING)
200KT Long FlowingIt’s Good You Dumped Me (Hard)
200Show LuoHead Over Heels
228WAWALook and See II (Ace Mix) (Hard)
256ONEUSValkyrie (Hard)

New Shopping Mall Items



June Spenders Curse Avatar Items

II. Bugs


  • BGM Master Score
  • Love Party Cancel Button
  • Patch 99: Rainbow Love – June 10 Update Avatar Items are now available in shopping mall. Item list can be found here: http://bit.ly/ANLPatch99Notes
  • Aqua Blaster (Red) can now wear without a couple
  • Mascot Gift Claim Button
  • Artist and Title Rename – Normal & Beat Rush
Current ArtistCurrent TitleUpdated ArtistUpdated Title
1,43Hayop sa Ganda1:43Hayop Sa Ganda
1,43Ang Saya-Saya1:43Ang Saya-Saya
Kana HanazawaRenai Circulation*namirinRenai Circulation (Cover)
One TimeHot1TYMHot
2NE1Try to Follow Me2NE1FOLLOW ME
2YoonNightmare2YOONNightmare (feat. Jung Il Hoon Of BTOB)
4 minuteHot Issue4MINUTEHot Issue
4 minuteI My Me Mine4MINUTEI My Me Mine
4 MinuteSweet Suga Honey!4MINUTESweet Suga Honey!
4MINUTEVolumn up4MINUTEVolume Up
A-DoCha Yi Dian (Almost) (Remix)A-doCha Yi Dian (Almost) (Remix)
AfterSchoolDivaAfter SchoolDiva
AirplanePrettyAirplaneSo Pretty
AJ MItchellSay it AgainAJ MitchellSay It Again
AkdongI Love YouAKMUI Love You
Akdong MusicianGive LoveAKMUGive Love
Akdong Musician200%AKMU200%
Alan WalkerAll Falls Down (feat. Noah Cyrus)Alan WalkerAll Falls Down (feat. Noah Cyrus & Digital Farm Animals)
KamikazeRak Chan Riak Waa Ter (Calling You For Love)ALL KAMIKAZERak Chan Riak Waa Ter (Calling You For Love)
AngelaQin Ai De, Na Bu Shi Ai Qing (Darling, That ins’t Love)Angela ZhangQin Ai De, Na Bu Shi Ai Qing (Darling, That Isn’t Love)
APinkMr. ChuApinkMr. Chu
Ariana GrandeDon’t Call Me Angel (feat. Miley Cyrus & Lana Del Rey)Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del ReyDon’t Call Me Angel
Ariana GrandeBoyfriend (With Social House)Ariana Grande, Social Houseboyfriend
AuditionTo him(2009mini album)AuditiomTo You (2009 Mini Album)
AuditionB Soul FunkAuditionB SoulFunk
AuditionTake itAuditionTake It
AuditionDon’t give upAuditionDon’t Give Up
AuditionOne stepAuditionOne Step
AuditionWhat Do You ExpectAuditionWhat More Do You Need
AuditionI’m okAuditionI’m OK
AuditionWhat Do You WantAuditionI Want to See You
AuditionTo youAuditionTo You
AuditionGood(2009mini album)AuditionGood (2009 Mini Album)
AuditionTell me(2009mini album)AuditionTell Me (2009 Mini Album)
AuditionTiming(2009mini album)AuditionTiming (2009 Mini Album)
AuditionWithout youAuditionWithout You
AuditionStill(My Girl)AuditionStill (My Girl)
AuditionEyes on EyesAuditionEye for An Eye
AuditionIf You AreAuditionIf It’s You
AuditionWind DoorAuditionBe the Wind
AuditionHowAuditionHow Should I Say It
AuditionCramAuditionWhat Should I Do
AuditionI’m SorryAuditionSorry, I Don’t Know
AuditionAs Early As PossibleAuditionIn Advance
AuditionGood Day..Bye..AuditionGood Day, Goodbye
AuditionTo You I Met AgainAuditionBack to You
Backstreet BoysQuit playing GamesBackstreet BoysQuit Playing Games (With My Heart)
LilyArlo PuppyBebe LillyAllo Papy
Black PearlLet’s GoBlack PearlGo Go Sing
Blue EncountPolaris (EASY)BLUE ENCOUNTPolaris (Easy)
Blue EncountPolaris (HARD)BLUE ENCOUNTPolaris (Hard)
Bolbbalgan4#First LoveBOL4#FirstLove
BY2Love Me O (HeartThrob Mix)By2Love Me ^O^ (HeartThrob Mix)
C-ClownShaking HeartC-CLOWNShaking Heart
Chanyeol x PunchStay With MeCHANYEOL & PunchStay with me
Chen X PunchEverytime (Easy)CHEN, PunchEverytime (Easy)
Chen X PunchEverytime (Hard)CHEN, PunchEverytime (Hard)
ChungHaSnapping (Easy)CHUNG HASnapping (Easy)
ChungHaSnapping (Hard)CHUNG HASnapping (Hard)
Cinnamons x Evening CinemaSummertimecinnamons x evening cinemasummertime
CoolJumbo MamboCoolJumpo Mambo
Crystal KayGirl Friend (feat. BoA)Crystal KayGirlfriend (feat. BoA)
Dave Rodgersd??vuDave RodgersDEJA VU
DavichiFrom me to youDavichiFrom Me to You
Alpharetta David ahchul.A Little Too Not Over YouDavid ArchuletaA Little Too Not Over You
David GuettaTitanium (ft Sia)David GuettaTitanium (feat. Sia)
Dean MartinLet It SnowDean MartinLet It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
Deep Melange ft Lars ButtercupBig Purple Balloon (Feat. Lars Buttercup)Deep Melange feat. Lars ButtercupBig Purple Balloon (Deep Melange Radio Edit)
DalmationThat Man OpposedDMTNThat Man Opposed
ElectroboyzMa Boy 2 (ft. Hyorin)ElectroboyzMa Boy 2 (feat. HYOLYN of SISTAR)
Epik HighIts Cold (feat. Lee Hi)EPIK HIGHIt’s Cold (feat. LEE HI)
Epik High1 Minute 1 Second (feat. Taru)EPIK HIGH1 Minute, 1 Second (feat. Taru)
Epik HighOne (feat. Ji Sun of Loveholic)EPIK HIGHOne (feat. Ji Sun of Loveholic)
EVERGLOWBON BON Chocolat (EASY)EVERGLOWBon Bon Chocolat (Easy)
EVERGLOWBON BON Chocolat (HARD)EVERGLOWBon Bon Chocolat (Hard)
FahrenheitZhi Dui Ni You Gan JueFahrenheit & Hebe TienZhi Dui Ni You Gan Jue
FEELThe truth in wineFeelDrunken Confession
Feel GoodThe Farmer’s LifeFEELGOODThe Farmer’s Life (Feat.IN&CHOO)
Flo-Rida feat T-PainLowFlo RidaLow (feat. T-Pain)
FT IslandSeverelyFTISLANDSeverely
GEMZai Jian (Goodbye)G.E.M.Zai Jian (Goodbye)
G.NAWhat I Want To Do Once I Have A Lover (Feat. Rain)G.NAThings I’d Like to Do Once I Have A Lover (with Rain)
G.NASame thoughts (Feat.Heo gak)G.NAMind-sync (Feat. Huh Gak)
Gagong RapperKabitGagong RapperKabet (feat. Mz. Kyla)
G-DragonWithout You (feat. Rose)G-DRAGONWithout You (feat. Rose)
GFriendMy BuddyGFRIENDMy Buddy
GFriendUnder The SkyGFRIENDUnder The Sky
GFriendGlass BeadGFRIENDGlass Bead
(G-Idea)Summer Crush (feat. Shin Bo Kyung)G-IdeaSummer Crush Dance (feat. Shin Bo Kyung)
GFriendShort Song (Feat. HaHa & Il Mun)Girl FriendsShort Song (Feat. HaHa & Il Mun)
GoGo BoysStand Up!GOGOBOYSStand Up!
Got7Just RightGOT7Just Right
Groove CoverageMoonlight ShadowGroove CoverageMoonlight Shadow (Radio Edit)
Henry1 4 3 (Ft. Amber)HENRY1-4-3 (I Love You) (feat. f(Amber))
Humming Urban Stereoxoxo (feat As One)HUSxoxo (feat. As One)
Humming Urban StereoD.D.D (feat. Instant Romantic Floor)HUSD.D.D (feat. Instant Romantic Floor)
Humming Urban StereoLOVE JAM (With Bebop)HUSLOVE JAM (With Bebop)
HyorinStalker (Feat. Mad Clown)HYOLYNStalker (Feat. Mad Clown)
HYUNABubble Pop!HyunABubble Pop!
HYUNAChangeHyunAChange (feat. Yong Jun Hyung From BEAST)
Timbaland & BrascoAmnesiaIan Carey & RosetteAmnesia (feat. Timbaland & Brasco)
Chae LeeTemptationI’cheTemptation
IUNagging (ft. Seulong)IUNagging (feat. Seulong of 2AM)
Nara JangI am too a womanJang Na-raI am A Woman Too
Jay ChouChao Ren Bu Hui FeiJay ChouChao Ren Bu Hui Fei (Superman Can’t Fly)
Jay ChouWaiting For You (feat. Gary Yang)Jay ChouWaiting For You (With Gary Yang)
Jay ParkJoah (Easy)Jay ParkJOAH (Easy)
Jay ParkJoah (Hard)Jay ParkJOAH (Hard)
Jay ParkAll I Wanna Do (EASY)Jay ParkALL I WANNA DO (Feat. Hoody, Loco) (Easy)
Jay ParkAll I Wanna Do (HARD)Jay ParkALL I WANNA DO (Feat. Hoody, Loco) (Hard)
Jay ParkMOMMAE (EASY)Jay ParkMOMMAE (Feat. Ugly Duck) (Easy)
Jay ParkMOMMAE (HARD)Jay ParkMOMMAE (Feat. Ugly Duck) (Easy)
Jennifer ChanIts Been ApartJCShuo San Jiu San (It’s Been Apart)
JewelryDon’t Tell Good ByeJewelryDon’t Tell Goodbye
JewelryHow Are YouJewelryHow Are You?
JewelryLove YouJewelryI Love You
J-Hope ft. Becky GChicken Noodle Soup (Easy)j-hopeChicken Noodle Soup (feat. Becky G) (Easy)
J-Hope ft. Becky GChicken Noodle Soup (Hard)j-hopeChicken Noodle Soup (feat. Becky G) (Hard)
Kang Ji-youngMerry Love (with Kim Sung-je)Ji Young & Sung JeMerry Love
JinuseanTell Me (feat. Uhm Jung-hwa)JinuseanTell Me (feat. Uhm Jung Hwa)
JJ LinJiang NanJJ LinJiang Nan (River South)
Jo Kwon and GainWe fell inloveJo Kwon & GainWe Fell in Love
Jordin SparkOne Step At A TimeJordin SparksOne Step At A Time
JT MusicJoin Us For A BiteJT MachinimaJoin Us for a Bite (feat. Andrea Storm Kaden)
Justine BieberWhat Do You Mean?Justin BieberWhat Do You Mean?
Justin TimberlakeSexybackJustin TimberlakeSexyBack (feat. Timbaland)
KANA-BOONSihouette (EASY)KANA-BOONSilhouette (Easy)
KANA-BOONSihouette (HARD)KANA-BOONSilhouette (Hard)
Kanon x KanonCalendula Requiemkanon脳kanonCalendula Requiem
Kim Hyung JunSleepness Night (feat. Gil Me)Kim Hyung JunSleepless Night (feat. GILME)
Kim Jong KookWhite LoveKim Jong Kook2005 White Love (Feat. Mikey)
JowableKim MolinaKim MolinaJowable
AppleGirlDecember feat. PaloaltoKim Yeo HeeDecember (feat. Paloalto)
Kimberly ChenHeartbeatKimberleyHeartbeat
Ko Doo RimIceCreamKo Doo RimIce Cream (Feat. Banji)
Konomi SuzukiThere is a ReasonKonomi SuzukiTHERE IS A REASON
KoyoteGenuineKOYOTEAs the Beginning
KoyoteMarry MeKOYOTEMarry Me
KoyoteGood Good TimeKOYOTEGood Good Time
Kris LeoneIn To The SkiesKris LeoneInto The Skies (Kor Ver.)
Laidback LukeWe’re Forever (feat. Marc Benjamin)Laidback Luke & Marc BenjaminWe’re Forever (Original Mix)
Lee Jung-hyunGoing CrazyLee Jung HyunGoing Crazy
Lee Jung-hyunComeLee Jung HyunCome
LiSACrossing Field (EASY)LiSAcrossing field (Easy)
LiSACrossing Field (HARD)LiSAcrossing field (Hard)
LMFAOParty Rock Anthem (ft Lauren Bennett & Goon Rock)LMFAOParty Rock Anthem (feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock)
Lovely Pretty GirlsPrincess of the SeaLPGPrincess of the Sea
M.StreetOne For MeM.StreetThe One For Me
Mad ClownWithout You (Feat. Hyorin)Mad ClownWithout You (Feat. HYOLYN)
Maroon 5Memories (HARD)Maroon 5Memories
Marshmello ft. BastilleHappierMarshmelloHappier (feat. Bastille)
Mighty MouthBad Man (Feat. Soya)Mighty MouthBad Boy (Feat. Soya)
MissABad Girl, Good Girlmiss ABad Girl Good Girl
MJFlowers, And You (feat. Kim Flower)MJ SUNNY SIDEFlowers, And You (feat. Flower Kim)
Dice & K9EargasmicMOBBSTARREargasmic
Dice & K9ItsumoMOBBSTARRItsumo
Dice & K9Make You FeelMOBBSTARRMake You Feel (feat. Loonie)
Dice & K9RendezvousMOBBSTARRRendezvous
Dice & K9Rocket ScienceMOBBSTARRRocket Science
MoonshineCrush On YouMoonshineCrush On You (feat. Superbee)
Namola FamilyIt’s Never Too LateNamolla FamilyIt’s Never Too Late (feat. Kim Hana)
Nancy JaneControl (blanco mix)Nancy JaneControl (Blanco Mix)
NS Yoon JiThe Reason I Became a WitchNS Yoon-GReason To Become A Witch
Owl CityFirefliesOwl CityFireflies (Easy)
Owl CityFirefliesOwl CityFireflies (Hard)
Park Ji-yoonComing Of AgePark Ji YoonComing Of Age
Park Ji-yoonPrecious LovePark Ji YoonPrecious Love
PitbullGive Me Everything (Tonight) (feat. Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer)PitbullGive Me Everything (feat. Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer)
PK HaemanEvergreenPK HemanEvergreen (feat. Lee Ji Hye)
PK HaemanEvergreen Part 2 (Feat. Cyndi)PK HemanEvergreen Part.2 (feat. Cindy)
PK HaemanCan’t Forget (feat. Lee Ji-hye)PK HemanCan’t Forget (feat. Lee Ji Hye)
AuditionPlayPark Dito MasayaPlayParkDito Masaya
Pop GirlsTara Na Sa MallPop GirlsTara Na Sa Mall (Let’s Go To The Mall)
Post MaloneSunflower (with Swae Lee)Post Malone, Swae LeeSunflower
DidiI’ll Be Missing YouPuff DaddyI’ll Be Missing You
Post MaloneGrand Escape (feat. Toko Miura)RADWIMPSGrand Escape (movie edit) feat. Toko Miura
R-ChordZai Mei You Ni Yi Hou (Without You) (feat. Z-Chen)R-chordZai Mei You Ni Yi Hou (Without You) (feat. Z-Chen)
RosieWhy Not LoveRosieWhy Not Love (with Ryan Yu)
Cool100 Days PrayerS#arp100 Days Prayer (Hard)
SalbakutaS2pid Luv (feat. Nasty Mac of Block Pro)SalbakutaS2pidluv (feat. Nasty Mac of Block Pro)
Samurai presents Golden MindMy Heart is BeatingSamurai presents Golden MindMy Heart is Beating (Radio Edit)
Se7enOne More TimeSE7ENOne More Time
Se7enLove Story (feat. Masta Wu)SE7ENLove Story (feat. Masta Wu)
See YaEverlasting Love (feat. Davichi & Ji-yeon)See Ya, Davichi, T-araEverlasting Love (Remix)
Seo Ji-youngStay In MeSeo Ji YoungStay In Me
Seomoon TakVictoriaSeo Moon TakVictoria
ShakiraWaka WakaShakiraWaka Waka (This Time For Africa)
Show LuoHead Over HeelsShow LoAi Feng Tou (Head Over Heels)
Show & RainieWhen the King Meets the QueenShow Lo & Rainie YangWhen the King Meets the Queen
ShineS.O.S.-Kor Ver-ShyneS.O.S. (Kor Ver.) (Easy)
ShyneS.O.S.-Kor Ver- (Hard)ShyneS.O.S. (Kor Ver.) (Hard)
Silence Wang ft. By2You Dian TianSilence Wang, By2You Dian Tian (A Little Sweet)
SistarTouch My BodySISTARTouch My Body
SistarMa BoySISTAR19Ma Boy
Sister19Gone Not Around AnymoreSISTAR19Gone Not Around Any Longer
SkullWaikiki Brothers (with HaHa)Skull & HAHAWaikiki Brothers
Girls GenerationCatch Me If You CanSNSDCatch Me If You Can (Korean Ver.)
SNSDChocolate LoveSNSDChocolate Love (Retro Pop Ver.)
SNSDCabi Song (with 2PM)SNSD, 2PMCabi Song
SojinFinale (with Dok2)Sojin (Girl’s Day) & DOK2Finale
Song JiBright MemoriesSong GBright Memories Like White Sunlight (feat. Woo Eun Mi & The Grand)
SS501Because Im StupidSS501Because I’m Stupid
AuditionOMGStefanie K.OMG
Still PMIm into you(Feat.Kuan)Still PM, FreeLowI’m Into You (feat. Kuan)
SuperstarLove You Like Crazy (Feat. Tia)Super StaLove You Like Crazy (Feat. Tia)
Tae YangWedding DressTAEYANGWedding Dress
Kim Tae-yeonI Love YouTAEYEONI Love You
Kim Tae-yeonSparkTAEYEONSpark
T-araNumber NineT-araNo.9
T-araNumber Nine (Club Version)T-araNo.9 (Club Mix)
T-araLittle AppleT-araLittle Apple (With Chopstick Brothers)
T-ara & SupernovaTime To Love Listen 2T-ara & SupernovaTTL Listen.2
Teen TopMiss RightTEEN TOPMiss Right
Black Eyed PeasI Gotta FeelingThe Black Eyed PeasI Gotta Feeling
TurboBlack CatTurboBlack Cat Nero
TWICEMore & More (Easy)TWICEMORE & MORE (Easy)
TWICEMore & More (Hard)TWICEMORE & MORE (Hard)
Untouchable & NarshaLiving in the HeartUntouchableLiving in the Heart (feat. Narsha)
West LifeUptown GirlWestlifeUptown Girl
WheesungLove Seat (feat. Taru, Humming Urban Stereo)WheesungLove Seat (feat. Taru, HUS)
Wild Rose ThornOnly YouWild Rose ThornOnly You (Easy)
WillMissyWill NgMissy (Remix)
Wonder GirlsG.N.O. (Girls Night Out)Wonder GirlsG.N.O (Girls’ Night Out)
Xtra RaversLove AgainXRLove Again
YounhaWould we be different (Park feat.John)YounhaWould We Have Changed (feat. John Park)
ZICOAny Song (Easy)ZICOAny song (Easy)
ZICOAny Song (Hard)ZICOAny song (Hard)

Known Issues

  • Intermittent lag and delay
  • Arena Time – Couple & Beat Up
  • Delay issues when receiving the rewards from Audition Diego Gift Box
  • Disconnection appears after mixing the secret garden and getting the “Psychotria Special Seed”.
  • Dress changed after going to Mascot Salon
  • FAM Channel information
  • FAM Seasonal Effect
  • Guitar Arena Mark
  • Incorrect Translation – FAM Bulletin Board
  • Incorrect Translation – Some episodes in Story Mode
  • Incorrect Translation – Couple Garden Items (Star Shape & Heart Shape Sign)
  • IP Cafe EXP Bonus
  • Observers from the Love Party are looking at the left side of the screen.
  • Off Beat/Low Quality Songs
  • Secret Garden – Herbs after combination does not reflect the accurate count ‘hotfix’: Re-enter the garden to reflect the correct number.
  • Some Block Beat songs are cannot be played.
  • Unable to purchase some of the items from FAM/Club Shop. (Green Meadow, Nairobi, ellie bulletin, Kirin train clock)
  • Unable to use the “Couple Battle Party Reset” ticket.

We have already notified our Game Developers. We will be posting an announcement once we already have the fix for it.

Please help us make Audition Next Level a better place by reporting bugs, issues, and event rewards follow-ups E-Support.

Please be advised that those users found to be exploiting the major bugs will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

III. Events and Promotions

May be a cartoon of 4 people, people standing and text


  • All events and promotions are subject to change without prior notice.

Skater Promo – VIP Red Marks Eligible List

Link here: https://bit.ly/ANLSkaterSet

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