Hey Audistas!

Start your month right with the awesome Newbie Package! Discover your inner flair with these sets and make heads turn when you enter the dance floor. Being someone new has never been this good!


  • Must create a new PlayPark account and Audition Next Level account within the event duration.
  • The event will run from 1st September 2021 00:00 – 30th September 2021 23:59 (GMT +8).
  • Players must reach level 5 and above.
  • All rewards will be inserted within 15 days after the event duration.
  • The rewards do not require the character to have a couple in-game to wear.
  • This event is subject to change without prior notice.


  • Female/Male – Indefinite Pink Lips Set (Hair, Upper Garment, Lower Garment, Shoes)
  • 30 Days Airplane DJ
  • Face not included
May be an image of 1 person

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