Hi Audistas!

What’s the better way to celebrate your holidays? It’s spending time with your beloved idols, outside and inside the most awesome Audition Next Level!

New songs, the latest idol sets, and the craziest trends are coming in this Patch 121: Oh My Idol!

Get ready to bring the party to the next level because your holidays will be extremely fantastic!

Check out the patch details below:

I. Game Updates


Oh, my Idol! Avatars will be available in the shopping mall until 20th January 2022 at 5:59 AM (GMT +8). You can find these avatars in the set category.

Avatar Special Effect

*This special effect applies to all Oh, my Idol! avatars.*

Animated GIF
Animated GIF

Avatar Special Room Motion

*This room motion also applies to all Oh, my Idol! avatars. Special Room Motion will not take effect if you are wearing hand accessories and special items. Ex: Flying effect wing*

Animated GIF

Oh, my Idol! Avatars





Black Label Season 4 and 5 will be available until 6th January 2022, 5:59 AM (GMT +8). You can find it in the Special category.



Item NameOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
Pastel Chiq FurCoat35002450 
Pastel Chiq Skinny Pants30002100 
Pastel Chiq Pumps35002450 
Party Queen Hairstyle35002450 
Party Queen Fur Set45003150 
Party Queen Heels30002100 
Extreme Snowboarding Jacket35002450 
Extreme Snowboarding Pants35002450 
Elegant Lady Ripped Jeans30002100 
Misao Casual Hair20001400 
Misao Casual Sweater25001750 
Misao Casual Ripped-Jeans25001750 
Misao Casual Shoes25001750 
Queen Ayumi Hairstyle30002100 
Queen Ayumi Red Dress40002800 
Queen Ayumi Red Shoes45003150 
Stage Magic Couple Hairstyle34002380 
Spring Fashion Green Coat36002520 
Spring Fashion Black Skirt36002520 
Spring Fashion Black Shoes36002520 
Office Casual Hairstyle37002590 
Office Casual Blouse Polo36002520 
Office Casual Pants36002520 
Office Casual Shoes36002520 
Pink Top Grey Hem38002660 
Pink Skirt Grey Hem38002660 
Alluring Wavy Bob37002590 
Alluring Dress with Denim Outer38002660 
Alluring Black Combat Boots37002590 
Voguish Wavy blonde38002660 
Red Lady Hairstyle36002520 
Red Lady Blouse36002520 
Red Lady Skirt37002590 
Pink Bodycon Long Hair36002520 
Pink Bodycon Dress37002590 
Pink Bodycon Rubber Shoes35002450 
Stylish Black Fedor37002590 
Stylish Half Striped Cardigan36002520 
Stylish Straight Cut Jeans36002520 
Lit Face38002660 
Picnic Couple Style38002660 
Picnic Couple Style37002590 
Picnic Couple Style37002590 
Grey Sweatshirt with Sling Bag37002590 
Red Boots37002590 
Feminine Side Ponytail38002660 
Zebra Dress39002730 
White Flat Shoe38002660 
GM Angel Casual Look Hair30002100 
GM Angel Casual Look Set40002800 
GM Angel Casual Look Boots35002450 
Sunny Style Hair30002100 
Sunny Style Skirt25001750 
Sunny Style Shoes25001750 
GM Gala Casual Longsleeve25001750 
GM Gala Casual Sandals30002100 
twoKsixteen Long Brown Hair 25001750 
twoKsixteen White Top25001750 
twoKsixteen Blue Bandage Skirt25001750 
twoKsixteen Red Heels25001750 
Ahma Hair25001750 
Evil Dog Top30002100 
Evil Dog Pants30002100 
Evil Dog Slipper25001750 
Flower Girl Hair30002100 
Flower Girl Dress40002800 
Flower Girl Heels30002100 
Sweet Love Curly Hair35002450 
Sweet Love Pink Dress45003150 
Sweet Love Pink Boots30002100 
Upstage Way Hairstyle 25001750 
Upstage Dress Style40002800 
Upstage Beige Heels Style25001750 
Pristine Beauty Hairstyle30002100 
Pristine Beauty Dress40002800 
Pristine Beauty Pumps30002100 
Crazy Dancer Bonnet Hair25001750 
Runway Model Blouse30002100 
Runway Model High Heels25001750 
GMPhi Cat Hairband35002450 
GMPhi Cat Striped Shirt30002100 
GMPhi HotPink Skirt30002100 
GMPhie Cat Shoes30002100 
Love Love Bob Hair25001750 
Love Love Blue Flats20001400 
Groovy Brown Longhair30002100 
Groovy Cool Dress45003150 
Groovy Net High Heels30002100 
Soft Ribbon Princess Hair35002450 
Soft Ribbon Princess Dress40002800 
GMFaith Lovely Rave Shirt30002100 
GMFaith Lovely Shorts30002100 
GMFaith Lovely Pink Shoes30002100 
Witty Couplestyle Bonnet25001750 
Witty Couplestyle Tshirt20001400 
Witty Couplestyle Slippers25001750 
GMLeah Highwaist Dress30002100 
GMLeah Gray Sandals25001750 
Calming Star Shorty30002100 
Calming Star Scarf30002100 
Calming Star Jeans30002100 
Calming Star Shoes25001750 
I Love You Hair25001750 
I Love You Shirt25001750 
I Love You Tutu25001750 
Lush Summer Blouse25001750 
Lush Summer Pants25001750 
GMAnthem Flower Fancy Hair30002100 
GMAnthem Flower Fancy Dress45003150 
GMAnthem Flower Fancy Sandals30002100 
I Love SG37002590 
I Love MY37002590 
GM Galayth Set55003850 
GM Galayth Set55003850 
Golden Lady Hair35002450 
Golden Lady Skirt30002100 
Flowery Style Hair25001750 
Flowery Style Dress40002800 
Flowery Style Shoes25001750 
Sporty Black Hair25001750 
Sporty White Shirt25001750 
Sporty White Short25001750 
Sporty Shoes25001750 
Lets Go Vacation Hairstyle38002660 
Lets Go Vacation Style38002660 
Lets Go Vacation Pants38002660 
78 Female Set47003290 
78 Female Set42002940 
78 Female Set42002940 
Short Denim Jumper43003010 
Short Denim Jumper42002940 
Short Denim Jumper32002240 
Mo Yeon Set42002940 
Mo Yeon Set42002940 
Blue and White Hair25001750 
Blue and White Dress40002800 
Blue and White Flats25001750 
Come Play Hairstlye30002100 
Come Play Longsleeve25001750 
Come Play Skirt25001750 
Come Play Flats25001750 
Nickeee Beach Style40002800 
Nickeee Beach Style Heels35002450 
Hawaiian Beach Dress36002520 
Anthem Beige Hair24001680 
Anthem Sexy Jumpsuit32002240 
Anthem Gold Sandals20001400 
Skull Spirited Short25001750 
Skull Spirited Slippers20001400 
Dohan Party Hairstyle35002450 
Dohan Party Dress40002800 
Dohan Party Shoes38002660 
Cutie Beach Hairstyle25001750 
Cutie Beach Midrib25001750 
Cutie Beach Shorts25001750 
Cutie Beach Sandals20001400 
Beach Cowboy Undies25001750 
Beach Cowboy Slippers25001750 
Lily Night Dress45003150 
AGNEZ MO AM Hat38002660 
AGNEZ MO CoolZ Pants37002590 
AGNEZ MO CoolZ Shoes37002590 
AGNEZ MO Love1 Hat38002660 
AGNEZ MO Love1 Pants38002660 
AGNEZ MO Love1 Shoes38002660 
AGNEZ MO CoolZ Bottom Set38002660 
Retro MiniBun Updo35002450 
Punkie Girl Hairstyle33002310 
Punkie Girl  Jacket33002310 
Retro Polka Skirt30002100 
Punkie Girl Tightskirt33002310 
Punkie Girl Shoes33002310 
Sunback Twinkle Heels30002100 
Lovely Pinky Sweater35002450 
Lovely Pinky Jeans35002450 
Lovely Pinky Shoes35002450 
My Dream Party Hair34002380 
My Dream Party Heels34002380 
Twinkle Green Eyes35002450 
Cheetah Jacket Style35002450 
Blackline Gold Pants35002450 
Red Blossomed Hair37002590 
Simple Lace Sleeves32002240 
Navy Blue Polka Jeans32002240 
Luxury Gold Heels32002240 
Floral Pattern Dress38002660 
Charismatic Leather Jacket36002520 
Her Free Black Skirt36002520 
Charismatic Wedge Heels32002240 
GMJinku Model Style32002240 
GMJinku Model Coat32002240 
GMJinku Model Pants32002240 
GMJinku Model Heels32002240 
Seoul Pink Sauna Set35002450 
Seoul Pink Sauna Headdress35002450 
Seoul Pink Sauna Slippers35002450 
Hallows Evilish45003150 
Hallows Day Nun49003430 
Red Lady Set40002800 
Photo Girl Pants34002380 
Photo Girl Loafers34002380 
Shalala Cutie Hairstyle34002380 
Shalala Cutie Blouse34002380 
Hotty-Blooded Hair37002590 
Athletic Military Hair25001750 
Athletic Military Jacket20001400 
Athletic Military Pants20001400 
Athletic Military Shoes20001400 
Pretty Marilyn Chic Hair30002100 
Pretty Marilyn Dress25001750 
Pretty Marilyn Pumps25001750 
Winterly Boyish Jacket25001750 
Winterly Boyish Skirt25001750 
Winterly Boyish High Boots30002100 
AGNEZ MO Twist!38002660 
AGNEZ MO Star37002590 
AGNEZ MO Blast38002660 
AGNEZ MO Skull38002660 
AGNEZ MO Blast Plus38002660 
AGNEZ MO Kiss38002660 
AGNEZ MO PX38002660 
AGNEZ MO Spike38002660 
AGNEZ MO Checkers38002660 
Sleek Brown Hairstyle25001750 
Sleek Violet Coat25001750 
Elegant Chic Bluedress30002100 
Tough Looking Sleeves25001750 
Tough Looking Shoes20001400 
Posh Blue Rompers30002100 
Clever Fox Set30002100 
Clever Fox Hair35002450 
Clever Fox Shoes25001750 
Sweet Kiss Bee Hair25001750 
Sweet Kiss Bee Pants20001400 
Sweet Kiss Bee Shoes20001400 
Bike Rider Hairstyle30002100 
Cutie Boyish Hairstyle35002450 
Cutie Boyish Netshort30002100 
Cutie Boyish High Sneaks25001750 
Bloomy Blonde Curlyhair35002450 
Bloomy Yellow Longsleeve30002100 
Bloomy Jeans30002100 
Bloomy Strap Sneaks25001750 
Athyna Retro Style Set40002800 
Athyna Retro Style Sandals20001400 
Snow Queen Dress35002450 
Snow Queen Braidhair40002800 
Snow Queen Glass Shoes35002450 
Leah’s Sophisticated Coat30002100 
Leah’s Sophisticated Flats25001750 
AGNEZ MO Herre38002660 
Streetgirl Knit Style35002450 
Streetgirl Knit Jeans35002450 
Streetgirl Knit Shoes34002380 


Item NameOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
Jeon Gentleman Bonnet35002450 
Jeon Gentleman Jacket35002450 
Jeon Gentleman Shoes30002100 
Fearless Rider Hair30002100 
Fearless Rider Leather Jacket30002100 
Intense Snowboarding Jacket35002450 
Restless Ukyo Blonde Hair35002450 
Restless Ukyo Jacket30002100 
Restless Ukyo Pants30002100 
Restless Ukyo Shoes25001750 
Stage Magic Couple Bonnets34002380 
Stage Magic Couple Jeans34002380 
Stage Magic Couple Boots34002380 
Pixie Hair with Side Fringe37002590 
Autumn Blue Sweatshirt37002590 
Black Skiiny Jeans36002520 
Damn Daniel Shoes36002520 
Blue Cardigan with White Hem37002590 
Grey High Cut36002520 
Casual Gentleman Side Hair37002590 
Casual Gentleman Sleeves36002520 
Casual Gentleman Shorts36002520 
My Crush Crush Hair37002590 
My Crush Crush Cardigan36002520 
My Crush Crush Shoes35002450 
Stylish Striped Cap36002520 
Stylish Striped Long Sleeve36002520 
Stylish Black Straight Jeans36002520 
Lit Face38002660 
Mini Wave Fringe38002660 
Outer Denim with Design38002660 
Ripped washed Jeans38002660 
Sneakers with Red socks37002590 
Picnic Couple Style38002660 
Picnic Couple Style37002590 
Picnic Couple Style37002590 
GM Rai’s Casual Wavy30002100 
GM Rai’s Casual Look25001750 
GM Rai’s Casual Look Pants25001750 
GM Rai’s Casual Boots25001750 
Laid Back Cappy Hair30002100 
Laid Back Cappy Sleeves25001750 
Laid Back Cappy Shoes30002100 
Ahboy Hair30002100 
Evil Dog Top30002100 
Evil Dog Slipper25001750 
Growl Dog Beanie25001750 
Winky Bluey Face30002100 
Cute Boy White Hair30002100 
Cute Boy White Net Set25001750 
Cute Boy Green Short 25001750 
Cute Boy Slippers25001750 
Visual Skull Hair30002100 
Visual Skull Polo25001750 
Visual Skull White Pants25001750 
Visual Skull White Shoes25001750 
GMJabie Hiphop Hair25001750 
GMJabie Hiphop Jacket25001750 
GMJabie Hiphop Short25001750 
GMJabie Sneakers25001750 
Love Love Blue Pants20001400 
GMVaz Sunny Hat25001750 
GMVaz Cool Polo30002100 
GMVaz Cool Rugged Pants25001750 
GMVaz Colorful Shoes20001400 
GMDaegon Hawaiian Polo25001750 
Funny Couplestyle Bonnet25001750 
Funny Couplestyle Tshirt20001400 
Funny Couplestyle Slippers25001750 
I Love You TShirt25001750 
I Love You Pants25001750 
I Love You Shoes25001750 
GMRaitsui Street Fashion Hair25001750 
GMRaitsui Street Fashion Pants25001750 
I Love SG37002590 
Deck Date Hair 25001750 
Deck Date Set35002450 
Deck Date Shoes30002100 
Flowery Style Cap30002100 
Flowery Style Slippers30002100 
Mischievous Slim Pants38002660 
Mischievous Sneakers38002660 
78 Male Set42002940 
78 Male Set42002940 
Funky Baby Style32002240 
Funky Baby Style52003640 
Funky Baby Style42002940 
Funky Baby Style45003150 
Funky Magician Set35002450 
Street Party Hairstyle25001750 
Street Party Shirt25001750 
Street Party Shoes25001750 
Skylight Red Face30002100 
Street Funk Side Hair25001750 
Street Funk Black Sando25001750 
Street Funk Blue Short25001750 
Skull Doodles Hair38002660 
Skull Doodles Sleeveless37002590 
Turquoise and White Shorts37002590 
Black Bull Cap24001680 
Black Bull Shirt24001680 
Black Bull Pants24001680 
Beachy Cowboy Shades28001960 
Beachy Cowboy Sando25001750 
Beachy Cowboy Short25001750 
Beachy Cowboy Slippers25001750 
Rose Tuxedo45003150 
AGNEZ MO AM Hat38002660 
AGNEZ MO CoolZ Pants37002590 
AGNEZ MO CoolZ Shoes37002590 
AGNEZ MO Love1 Hat38002660 
AGNEZ MO CoolZ Top38002660 
AGNEZ MO Love1 Pants38002660 
AGNEZ MO Love1 Shoes38002660 
Retro Dark Beret30002100 
I love Sunbae Hair32002240 
Retro Polka Longsleeves30002100 
I love Sunbae Sweatshirt32002240 
Retro Sleek Jeans30002100 
Retro Black Sneakers30002100 
Stratify Black Hairstyle32002240 
Stratify Jeans Jacket35002450 
Stratify White Pants35002450 
Stratify Beige Boots35002450 
Twinkle Green Face35002450 
TOP Tiger Jacker33002310 
TOP Tattered Jeans33002310 
Taeyang Reggae Hairstyle33002310 
Captain Cheering Set38002660 
Flower Garden Brown Shoes33002310 
Flower Garden Polo34002380 
Flower Garden Slacks34002380 
Dainty Rabbit Top Hat35002450 
Daesung Turtleneck32002240 
Daesung Black Boots34002380 
New Rave Party Style38002660 
Lets Cook Chef Polo34002380 
Lets Cook Chef Pants34002380 
Lets Cook Chef Shoes34002380 
Seoul Blue Sauna Headdress35002450 
Seoul Blue Sauna Slippers35002450 
Hallows Devilish45003150 
Hallows Day Priest49003430 
Dandy Clubman34002380 
Dandy Clubman Pants35002450 
Photo Boy Pants35002450 
Hot-Blooded Hair37002590 
Active Military Hair25001750 
Active Military Jacket20001400 
Active Military Shoes20001400 
Mysterious Looking Hairstyle25001750 
Mysterious Looking Vest20001400 
Mysterious Looking Pants20001400 
Mysterious Looking Shoes20001400 
AGNEZ MO Blast38002660 
AGNEZ MO B-Blue37002590 
AGNEZ MO GX37002590 
AGNEZ MO Block!38002660 
AGNEZ MO Neon38002660 
AGNEZ MO Cap38002660 
Tidy Brown Hat30002100 
Tidy Brown ShortPants25001750 
Naughty Street Hairstyle30002100 
Naughty Street Jacket30002100 
Naughty Street Cargo Pants25001750 
Naughty Street Shoes20001400 
Python Look Set35002450 
Sweet Kisses Hair25001750 
Sweet Kisses Jeans20001400 
Sweet Kisses Shoes20001400 
Fierce Rider Hat30002100 
Fierce Rider Denim Jacket25001750 
Nhevahya Southern Hairstyle30002100 
Nhevahya Southern Suit30002100 
Nhevahya Southern Jeans30002100 
Nhevahya Southern Shoes25001750 
Sakura Passion Bonnet25001750 
Sakura Passion Jacket25001750 
Sakura Passion Pants25001750 
Sakura Passion Sneakers25001750 
Mihr Buttercup Jacket30002100 
Mihr Buttercup Hair25001750 
Chad CountryStyle Hair25001750 
Chad CountryStyle Coat25001750 
Chad CountryStyle Pants25001750 
Chad CountryStyle Shoes25001750 
Archibald’s Casual Bonnet25001750 
Archibald’s Casual Pants30002100 
Archibald’s Casual Sneaks25001750 
Genius Penn Hair30002100 
Genius Penn Coat30002100 
Genius Penn Jeans25001750 


85IUstrawberry moon
92HA SUNG WOONI Fall In Love
120TWICEThe Feels
128Myon & Shane 54Hurricane (Myon & Shane 54 Classic Mix) (feat. Amy Pearson)
140VICTONnostalgic night
168PotatoTur Yang (Do You Still…?)
172David GuettaHey Mama (feat. Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha & Afrojack)

*aespa – Savage is now playable.


107DMTNRound 1
132SchnuffelSchnuffels Weihnachtslied
135T-araI Go Crazy Because Of You
140ORANGE CARAMELThe Gangnam Avenue
150GIRL’S DAYTwinkle Twinkle
164CaramellCaramelldansen (Christmas Version)


II. Bug Fixes

  • Disconnection on Blumarine Set.
  • Disconnection of Effect Collection Box.
  • Basic Supply items.

III. Events and Promotions

Click each image to see the mechanics.


  • All events and promotions are subject to change without prior notice.

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