Hi Audistas,

Meet our ANL’s Crush Ng Bayan for the month of January, Wia!

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“Please introduce yourself.”

Hi! I’m Ria Sibayan, Wia from GGTY Fam! I’m a licensed Pharmacist and play audition since beta days. Met a lot of friends in-game that turned into real-life friends until now. I recently passed the Pharmacist Licensure Exam last November. ANL helped me a lot during the past few months before the licensure exam. Every time that I feel stressed or burnout, I just play ANL with my friends and it helps me to relax/rest my mind a bit.

“Where did you know ANL?”

I’m a player of Audition since beta days up until now.

What do you like in ANL?

I love communicating with other players and competing with them as well in club battles. Also, the outfits that are present at the mall are really good that’s why I enjoyed it.

“Which game mode do you usually play?”

I play S8, C8, and Club Battle.

“Tell us your likes and dislikes.”

I like cookies and cream ice cream also Koomi 💜💙 I also love gifts from “Sana all” in the Audition Next Level game. I don’t have anything in mind that I don’t like though. Maybe war freaks? And those who bully.

“Are you single?”


“Where can we follow you?”

Facebook: Ria Sibayan

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