Hi Audistas,

Meet our ANL’s Crush Ng Bayan for the month of February, 387!

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“Please introduce yourself.”

Hi! I’m Joven, but most of my friends call me Dup. Been playing audition since 2006. Grew up in Antipolo, 27 years old. I love playing online games, Audition is my childhood game, that’s why even I’m already working. Audition is life pa din. Hehe! I like going out and making friends with random people. And I like taking pictures and making short clips. Follow me on my IG account @whobeann

“Where did you know ANL?”

Since 2006 i’ve been playing Audition. I saw it from a poster. And played that game till college days. Pero ayun nung nag work nako, nawala ako sa game. And alam ko nawala na yung game. But i saw ANL from a friend who shared a screenshot of his game on facebook. So ayun, i looked for ANL and installed it. Sadly di ko na migrate yung account ko from PH to ANL. Pero okay lang. Sino ba naman ako para makapag migrate ng account? Haha

What do you like in ANL?

I like ANL, kasi dito ko nakilala most of my friends who became my 2nd family. And I do like listening to music. Kaya ayun if makita ninyo ako ingame? For sure AFK ako nyan. Hahahah

“Which game mode do you usually play?”

s8 C8 Beatrush and BU peroooo still noob hehe :<

“Tell us your likes and dislikes.”

I like tea! If makita nyoko libre nyoko tea hehe. Dogs!!!!!! I love dogs! Hangging out with friends! And what i dislike siguro yung tahimik? Hahaha pang walwalan ata kasi personality ko.

“Are you single?”


“Where can we follow you?”

Instagram: @whobeann

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