Hey Audistas!

Good news!? Play Lounge is now open again!
If you missed the account tagging period from the previous years, this is your last chance to TAG your previous AuditionSEA Account to your ANL Account.?

Welcome Package:
?Indefinite LiveFreeStrong Style Set
?Indefinite Sweetbong Candy
?365 Days DJ Podium
?50 PCS 2X EXP
?50 PCS 2X DEN
?30 Days HomeBound Mark

Check out the link below on how to tag your account:
? https://forms.gle/eAVYk2pjn3oU6q1M8

Play Lounge is open until 31st May 2022 at 23:59 (GMT +8).

PlayLounge Rules

  1. Player must declare old AUSEA accounts to be able to validate by ANL Team. Accounts that already linked on previous Play Lounge are not allowed to join and claim the rewards again.
  2. Only NEW created accounts in ANL from the duration period are allowed to claim the rewards.
  3. Insertion of rewards will be every 2 weeks.

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Happy Dancing!

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