Jive free this Summer Dancing Spree! ☀️ Keep the groove and get rewards for your cool moves~ 😎


  • All players level 1 and above


  • Players must log in and reach 100 rounds/games in any mode within the event duration to get the rewards.
  • Rounds are counted from 16th April 2022 00:00 – 17th April 2022 23:59 (GMT +8).
  • All rewards will be inserted manually within 14 working days after the event duration.
  • Must gain EXP and/or DEN in each round.
  • All rounds that are done at the watch slots, wedding, love party, and level license are not counted.
  • This event is subject to change without prior notice.


  • Indefinite Hawaiian Summer Style
  • It does not require having a couple in-game to equip.
  • Face not included.
  • Item Categories:
    • Female/Male: Hair, Top, Bottom, Shoes

Happy Dancing!

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