Is Lady Luck smiling your way? 😌🍀

Wheel of Fortune is NOW OPEN! 🎡 Test your stars and win terrific prizes with a simple roll of the wheel~ Every 10,000 in-game spend gives you a spin, don’t miss out! 🤩

  • Duration: 14th April 2022 00:00 – 30th April 2022 23:59 (GMT +8)


  • Every 10,000 in-game cash spent will be able to obtain one spin in Wheel Of Fortune. (No limited amount of spins earned)
  • The spins obtained can be used HERE
  • Each spin will have ONE result/prize.
  • The prize will be sent to the in-game gift box game directly.


  • Indefinite The Laundress King or Queen Set Grand Prize
  • 30 Days Heavenly Face
  • 7 Days Green Fairy Butterfly Wings
  • 7 Days ANA SNS Day DJ
  • 7 Days Alezabeth Pet
  • 7 Days Oink Emoticon
  • 7 Days Yellow Pop-hand Tail
  • 7 Days Sweetbong Candy

How to Spin:

  • [WOF website for PC browsers ONLY] Suggested using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as the browser.
  • Log on to WOF Website with this LINK
  • Login to your ANL account with PlayID/Facebook.
  • The spin chance will reflect the accumulative cash amount spent in the game throughout the event period (Refresh Webpage to update and show the Spin Chances obtained). Scenarios as an example :
    • 5,000 ANL cash spent will not be entitled to get any spin chance yet. Spending another 5,000 ANL cash only then will get the spin chance (5,000 + 5,000). You can only earn a spin chance on every 10,000 ANL cash spent.
    • 5,000 ANL cash spent on June 11 + 4,000 ANL cash spent on June 13 + 1,000 ANL cash spent on June 15 will be entitled to get 1 Spin Chances (5,000 + 4,000 + 1,000). As long as the cash spent is accumulated throughout the event period.
    • 55,000 cash spent on June 11 will be entitled to 5 spins (50,000), spend another 5,000 cash to get one more spin. No maximum spending.
  • Click on the Arrow (Middle of the Wheel) to start spinning. The item will be determined when the wheel is stopped spinning.
  • The item obtained will be shown on your browser. You can also check your spin history on the top right side of the WOF webpage (refresh [F5] the website to refresh the details)
  • The reward obtained will be sent to your in-game gift box directly after each spin.

Rules and Regulations:

  • No limit on the spin chances to be earned. (You can spend as much cash as you can to earn the spin chances)
  • One spin chance can spin for one time only. Spin one time will get one reward.
  • Spin chances must be utilized before April 30, 2022, at 11:59 PM (GMT +8). The unused spin chances will be forfeited after April 30, 2022, 11:59 PM (GMT +8)
  • Only the list of items/categories below will be considered as spending:
    • Shopping Mall – Face, Hair, Upper Garment, Lower Garment, Shoes, Set, Item, Pet, Motion, Hardware, Emoticon, Accessory, Mark, Musical Instruments, Black Label
    • Couple Shop – Hair, Upper Garment, Lower Garment, Shoes, Set
      • Purchases done by Magic Lamp, 7 Days Exchange Coupon, and 30 Days Exchange Coupon are not counted.
      • Discount coupons are counted as 10%, 20%, and 30% discounts coupons. (e.g. Original Price: 21,000 – Discounted Price using 10% Discount Coupon: 18,900. 18,900 will be added to your total spend.)
  • Exploiting the system (in any way) or spreading the bugs for their benefit will be deemed violating the Game Policy of Audition Next Level and resulting in a Permanent Ban for the violations. Kindly file a report to our E-Support if you have any concerns / or find out bugs.
  • This event is subject to change without prior notice.

Happy Dancing!

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