Let’s congratulate the Couple of the Month on this March, Eriz and Eroz! Check out their kilig love story below:

“How long have you been playing ANL as a couple?”

almost 4 years

“Tell us your LOVE Story”

It all started when he (Old Audi IGN: TwinzEjhay) recruited me as a member of his fam “TwinzSociety” way back March 2016. We became friends and we always play together but after months of playing, we both stopped and not active in-game but we still talk to each other online thru Messenger. We always talk about my personal problems and he always care to listen and give advice as well. Until one day, we decided to play the game again, that was 2017. I split my current couple coz why not? He is not playing anymore. So that was the time that we’ve got a chance to be a friendly couple. It was September 4, 2017 when we got married in the game. I can say that it changes everything because we used to chat more often, then we will play until midnight and he is a very good gamer (mamaw) that time so i was so impressed. As the time goes by, im already having a crush on him but he didn’t know. It became deeper and deeper since he began to share problems too, he doesn’t do that before. He became comfortable with me sharing jokes, work stuffs and everything on his life. Im so happy to the point Im telling my self that I hope this things will not come into an end.. But Im wrong unfortunately because the game needs to shut down down to give way for a new server. After the last day of the old server, we didn’t talk again to each other because we don’t have reason, there’s no game.. No everyday chats, nothing.. It hurts me a lot because I got attached to him already. Until there’s an announcement saying that the New Server was coming again. I was so happy that time finally we will have a reason again to talk. But this time, he is the one who messaged me first. I was happy and wondering at the same time because in the middle of our conversation he told me that “kundi pa babalik yung audi, hindi ka pa babalik sakin.” Fast forward, the game back to normal and we played and chat again like we used to do before, he even set me up a secret wedding last April 4, 2018. I was shocked that we will have a wedding that day. He’s so sweet, i didn’t realized that its his way of showing the love for me. April 9, 2018 is the day, Its our fam’s anniversary (TwinzSociety). I did not go but we’re still talking to each other. In the middle of our conversation, he CONFESSED his love for me. He told me that he LOVES me and he also confessed his feelings for me ever since we’ve been getting close to each other when we’re couple in the old server. At first, i don’t know what to react, am I gonna believe or what?! Then as the time goes by, he proved to me that his love was true and he wanted to court me. So I agreed!! Im not wrong of letting him court me because he did all efforts and sacrifices just to prove it and just to be with me knowing that he is from Calamba, Laguna and Im from Quezon City. Fast forward.. After a 4-month courtship, I already said “YES!” last August 8, 2018 ❤️ And we’re road to 4 years now! We would also like to thank God for this happy relationship, he always guides both of us and of course to Audition because without you, there won’t be us in-game and in real life. 🙏

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