The sky is the limit; it’s just a matter of whether you want to reach for it. ☁️ But this February Prima Audistas indeed reach the sky! ✨🎊

Congratulations to the following

Top 16

  1. Mynn
  2. Xaivier
  3. Holiday
  4. Xyza
  5. AUS
  6. Amity
  7. biae
  8. Aoin
  9. AhMoi
  10. AhBoi
  11. beer
  12. Myne
  13. apple
  14. caea
  15. Oliveer
  16. Goyang

Tier 5

Mynn, Xaivier, Holiday, Xyza, AUS, Amity, biae, Aoin, AhMoi, AhBoi, beer, Myne, apple, caea, Oliveer, Goyang, drank, suishou, fong, nabe, mrscroissant, Tommeh, Owaa, k1

Tier 4


Tier 3

KA1, Agitate, Aoie, Cml, buyihan, todo

Tier 2

VI, Mikaelson, xREI, json, reyy, Pinna, Ardent, Aoxie, siete, Macabebe, InigoPascual, bela

Tier 1

paige, Amika, Keke, eto, Dakila, rukioo, mubi, Lair, Ayres, Arr, Sevii, karrot, Pomegranate, Guac, Cesca, IXAhNengXI, Gabrhiel, grapes, Jaezr, orie, Vento, AlcaponeNo1, Dreana, Ninym, Sabrhina, Doze, Nyxna, dont, xetsui, LoveMarie, Euon, kwan, Jan2Jane, aniyo, wi, pey, aeio, Jmy, aeiz, ryn, Dyeni, CliRose, ROSSx3, enn, Holic, Cobo, Kalie, Kyrel, Kyonie, Kyril, Xyliah, Robii, Keel, Leir, Kyxz, Zappypa, Yeezi, Yitian, Enea, Verlyn, Kenzie, GuaiTai, Ish~, ziel, RencePH, noi, Camembert, Ast, Mabalacat, Mariosep, Tappytalbot, saex, Marietes, 104, aiwene, Zyrish, Nyxu, EGGWHITE, Karielle, Wanderer, 98, Hajiro, aeis, Schafer, yeori, Nyte, xye, Moncoeur, Hachi~, Theonno, CalleCafe, Teekoy, Cyee, Yien, Monamour, Matsue, Elixie, Theonn, cerca, Kyngz, Prue, tak, ashen, Alek, Ram, Myob, Lori, ryee, Twee, pablo, Doke, Kams, Uhhuh, Yakki, sm, ryuk, Lewls, AhYong, CYN, Dyee, ~Itachi~, soyeon, Jewls, Paris~, vieja, Lhyn, Aztea, Redlabel, Alcapone, Aoez, kiv, LULU, Bhyy, MariaMaurer, Fenri, czerene, leaf, lhean


  • All rewards will be inserted manually within 14 working days.
  • Top Spenders/Prima Audistas may request to transfer their marks if they already got all the marks to their main account with Indefinite duration. The other account must be named after the owner.
  • They can also request for change of marks lower than they got for this month if they already got the indefinite duration of the mark.
  • Only the Indefinite duration marks/icons are transferable.
  • Avatar items are not transferable.
  • You may file on E-Support for the mark transfer request.

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