Hi Audistas,

Check out who stole the spotlight for May’s Featured FAM – Eeks! Know more about them below:

“Who is the FAM Master?”


“Who are the Officers?”

cesz, aldrich, millhiore, ketsui, Flaneuse, Ngams, MarJ, Peinne

“Who are the Members?”

AiyanaKim, Angeliciousx, Anjrue, Catnip, Conqueror, Dash, Domengesugat, Devour, Eros, Flovak, Hakdoq, Hellas, Huhu, Jarami, Koijirou, Laplace, Micx, MigueL, Mozambique, NEEEIL, Orayon, Rexion, Rhaine, Riamee, Ryke, Shouta, Shuuzu, Skrrt, Squeeze, Sweetness, Tob, amk, calilias~, ceii, hard, jokoleyt, mrscroissant, rainah, shayne, xetsui, zerloin

Tell us your FAM Background/History”

It was founded last 2010-2011, I guess. It was a memory we really enjoyed during teenage years. Last year we came back to audition from an 8-year break. We decided to reconnect with other members who are still active. This family created with members who are BETA players from Audi PH and playing the game for a long time. Eeks Family is like a community of busy people. Despite of hectic schedule, we were able to play and have fun after a stressful day.

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