The dance floor is your fighting ring and get ready for a showdown 🥊! Team up and clash with your family or individually with Patch 140: Fam Battle Renewal ~ 🥊

I. Game Updates

New Single FAM Battle

Single FAM Battle is now available! 6 FAMs can directly compete simultaneously. You can use the following modes:

  • Sync 4
  • Sync 8
  • Crazy Choreography 4
  • Crazy Choreography 8

Single FAM Battle Rules:

  • Single FAM Battle can be found in the Club Battle Mode. Simply click the lower left button Team/Single.
  • You can play up to 3~6 rounds.
  • Before the next round, the FAM member can be substituted by another FAM member if they want to.
  • Your FAM can only participate if you have 110 FAM Points and above.
  • You can turn off the FAM Info in the upper right section of the game.
  • The matches will end if you have already finished all of the rounds.
  • If only one player is in the game, the Single FAM Battle will not continue.
  • The information box will show at the end of each round in the game room.
  • FAM Points will be given once the Single FAM Battle Matches are already finished.
  • You will get the point every time you win around.

New Avatar Items



New Songs

BPMArtistSong Title
105YOASOBITsubame (Swallow) (feat. Midories)
106Zack TabudloAsan Ka Na Ba
106Little MixLove Me Like You
115SNSDThe Boys
119Taylor SwiftLove Story
124LEXYAbove The Sky (feat. Kim Ji Eun)
126VIVIZBop Bop!
128Xiao Ah QiCong Qian Shuo (DJ Remix)
130EggPlantEggLang Zi Hui Tou
130Phien Ban Cuc GatSomething Just Like This
132JewelryOne More Time
138Zara LarssonUncover (DJ Hieu Hung Remix)
147BTSBlack Swan
148Kim Jong KookCome Back To Me Again (feat. GARY)
156Ye KeBu Ru

New Flowers of May Town

II. Events and Promotions

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