Hi Audistas,

Meet our ANL’s Crush Ng Bayan for the month of June, Riya!

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“Please introduce yourself.”

Ola! 💕 I’m Marianne G. Zafe. Also known as “Riya” in Audition Next Level World. Fam member of EMPIRES. I’m 22 year’s old. Living in the province of Bulacan. Full-time HR. Part-time SHS Instructor. Despite my busy schedule, I make sure I play ANL simply because it’s my temporary escape in the real world. One of my stress reliever. Definitely my home because this is where I grow. 🤍

“Where did you know ANL?

I know ANL since I was Grade 4. (2008) I remember skipping recess just to buy ep cards. 😅

“What do you like in ANL?

What I like about ANL is dressing up your character the way you want to represent yourself. The music playlist also that I discovered in this game. Couple garden and couple wedding/love party. ❤️🫶🏻

“Which game mode do you usually play?”

I usually play beat up and beat rush mode.

“Tell us your likes and dislikes.”

Likes kawaii anime stuff~ Dislikes okra! 🥲😂

“Are you single?”


“Where can we follow you?”3

Facebook: mariannezafe

Instagram: marianneegz

Tiktok: mariannezafe

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