Let’s congratulate the Couple of the Pride Month on this June, SaHabibi and SaHabibti! Check out their kilig love story below :

“How long have you been playing ANL as a couple?”

It has already been 1 year and 2 months since we became a couple.

“Tell us your LOVE Story”

I (SaHabibi) started playing Audition Next Level after finding out that the previous Audition server I was playing in was soon going to be dead. I moved to ANL, and I was bound to make new friends. Not long after joining, I met someone (SaHabibti) who also didn’t have a couple that time.

Her avatar had great taste in fashion which would always catch my attention. I’d always take initiative and ask if we could play together. It actually took me countless attempts to get her to become my couple. When she finally accepted, that’s where we started to become really, really close. We’d message and call each other 24/7.

Starting May 2021, we became an official couple IRL. We were LDR for 11 months and then celebrated our 1st Anniversary in person ♥. Since then, we have traveled to so many places together. The love we have for each other just gets stronger and healthier day by day. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us!

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