We’re going to have a tour for our AUDIversary Sweet Sixteen celebration! 🥳 and first stop, DAVAO! 😍 Save the date Davaoeños! November 12, 2022, y’all must be there to win exciting prizes! ~ 🤩

See you Audistas at OB Gaming, Alyvea Building, Guerrero St,. Sta. Ana, Davao City! 😍

What to Bring to the Auditour Davao?
  1. 100 PHP Topup and Convert on the Event Day
  2. Vaccination Card – showing your completed vaccination. A booster shot is not required to party.
  3. Face Mask – Wear it at all times. Wearing a Face Shield is up to you.
  4. Alcohol or Sanitizer – Bring your personal stock of sanitation tools. There will be sanitation areas at the venue for your added safety.



III. GM Item Pick

IV. ASDS Tournament

V. Side Activities


1st 50 Attendees who will go to the Auditour Davao will get exclusive early bird gift!

  • Indefinite Sinister Regent Style
  • Indefinite Purple Solitude
  • Indefinite Audition Keyboard and Soda
  • 365 Days HipHop Bear Pet
  • 365 Days Sailor Cool Dj


All Audistas are welcome! You will all receive a Auditour Davao exclusive door gift!

  • Indefinite Bohemian Couple Style
  • Indefinite Audition Keyboard and Soda
  • 365 Days HipHop Bear Pet
  • 365 Days Sailor Cool Dj


Get a FREE EXCLUSIVE ITEM OF CHOICE when you top-up and convert within 08:00 AM – 11:59 PM (+8 GMT) on November 12, 2022.

  • Step 1: Top up and convert depending on the price of the item you chose within the event duration.
  • Step 2: Fill out the purchase form. The form will open on November 12, 2022, at exactly 12:00 AM and will be posted on our Official Facebook Page. (International players are welcome to avail!) Yes this means you can buy on any event location wherever you are!
  • All rewards will be inserted within 30 working days.


  • Codashop – Gcash
  • GCash

TO AVAIL, GO HERE: https://forms.gle/yoFRfXkpmxrWTajL6

IV. ASDS Tournament

Tournament Eligibility and Registration:

  • The event is only open to players residing in Davao and neighboring towns. Only vaccinated players are allowed to participate in the event area. (1st and 2nd dose)
  • Vaccination/Vax Card and 1 valid ID must be presented upon confirmation of tournament registration at the event area.
  • Only first eight (8) Teams will be allowed to register for each setting.
  • Participants must be registered as a team in-game.If not, the entry will be forfeited.
  • Slots will be filled thru ONLINE REGISTRATION. Registration starts on November 7, 2022 (Monday) until November 9, 2022 (Wednesday) 5:00PM. The tournament bracket will be released on November 11, 2022 (Friday).
  • Players who are not present and/or cannot register during the given time will be disqualified.
  • ASDS Champions from Season 1 to Season 2 are not allowed to join. But if they are available on that day there will be a fun match ASDS Champions from S1 to S2 (if available) versus the ASDS Season 3 Champions.
  • All decisions made by the Tournament Facilitators are FINAL.
  • Strict compliance of the “headphones off” and “hands-off keyboards” policy before and after each game round.
  • Bring their own “Alcohol” and “wear face mask” for their personal sanitation.
  • Register here: Registration form

COVID Precautions

  1. Safe distancing & temperature taking will be conducted before the event. Players who are not feeling well will not be allowed to compete in this tournament. Players should adhere to the 1-meter safe distancing measures and not interact with one another physically.
  2. The overall scope of this event will be conducted online via Audition Next Level Official Facebook Page.
  3. The areas which the players use will be disinfected thoroughly before the next person uses them.
  4. Safe Distancing Ambassador will be deployed, and group size should not exceed 8 people.
  • There will be three (3) significant rounds, The Eliminations, Semi-Finals & Finals.
  • Players/Teams will play an elimination round (This will be one round only).
  • Semi-Finals will be Best of 3, the first team to win 2 rounds will proceed to the Finals.
  • The Final Round will be Best of 5, the first team to win 3 rounds will be declared as the ASDS Season 3 Champions.

Tournament Summary

Game Settings


  • Number of Round: 1
  • Mode: Team – Sync 8
  • Music: Random 120bpm ~ 140bpm


  • Best of 3, First team to win 2 rounds will proceed to the Finals
  • Mode: Team – Choreography battle c-4directions
  • Chance: Reverse
  • Chance Level: Level 6
  • Music Random: 140bpm~


  • Best of 5, First team to win 3 rounds will be declared as the ASDS Season 3 Champions
  • Mode: Team – Choreography battle c-8directions
  • Chance: Reverse
  • Chance Level: Level 6
  • Music Random: 140bpm~

Tournament Rules

  1. For the safety of everyone & to keep aligned with the COVID-19 precautions, do not mingle with others.
  2. Do not leave your allocated seat to walk around the premises.
  3. Players will not use their personal devices such as a keyboard/mouse/headset during the tournament. All players must use the allocated PC and the provided gears.
  4. All players will use the default PC specifications.
  5. Technical issues encountered during the event will be assessed by the Facilitator/Moderator. Only major technical problems will merit game suspension and/or restart at the discretion of the Facilitator/Moderator.
  6. Players who argue with or fail to follow instructions of the tournament facilitators/moderator are subject to the appropriate penalties as dictated by the severity of the case.
  7. Players are expected to behave in a respectful and sportsmanlike manner at all times. Teams/members of the team exhibiting unruly conduct will be disqualified handing the opposing team the match.
  8. There will be no warm-ups throughout the tournament except during Finals.
  9. Our Event Marshals have the full authority to issue a warning or disqualify any players caught breaching any of the stated rules above.

Tournament Prizes

Champion500,000 In-game cash (each player)
Indefinite King/Queen Andromeda Set
Indefinite ANL Championship Trophy
30D ASDS Icon + 30D Grand Master Mark Icon
Indefinite Winning Motion
365 days DJ Pisces
Event Certificate & Merchandise
1st Runner Up350,000 In-game cash (each player)
90 Days King/Queen Andromeda Set
90D ANL Championship Trophy
30D Grand Master Mark Icon
Indefinite Winning Motion
365 days DJ Pisces
Event Certificate & Merchandise
2nd Runner Up60 Days King/Queen Andromeda Set
60 Days ANL Championship Trophy
60 Days Winning Motion
60 Days DJ Pisces
Event Certificate
3rd Runner Up30 Days King/Queen Andromeda Set
30 Days ANL Trophy
30 Days Winning Motion
30 Days DJ Pisces
Event Certificate

All ParticipantsIndefinite Athletic Couple Style (F/M)

  • Best Chainer (1 player) player who will get the highest chain in the entire tournament proper.

Indefinite Love Ribbon Winter Set (F) / Indefinite Black Dainty Style (M)

V. Side Events

Patalinuhan Challenge – Audista Bisdak Version (5 rounds – 10 winners)


  • 10 Participants for this game, Facilitator will pick a category for them (All about Audition Next Level)
  • The chosen category will be answered by the participants. If the participant cannot give an answer within 5 seconds automatically he/she will be eliminated. The last participant to remain will be declared as winner.

Guess The Song


  • Facilitator will play a ANL Song and the participants will guess the Title of the Song and its BPM. The participant will be given 5 seconds to answer.

Bisdak Audista Charades (Winners will be 5 pairs = 10 players)

Audista Bisdak Crowd’s Favorite (1 winner)

  • Nominations and Votings will be happening during the event period.
  • Each attendees will be given 1 paper to nominate their Favorite Bisdak Audista.
  • The player who will get the most votes will be declared as the Crowd’s Favorite.

Pass the Message (1 Team Winner = 5 players)

Bring Me – Ice Breaker (10 Winners)

Side events prize: Indefinite Pig in a Pencil


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