Hey Audista!

Who’s looking forward to GM Playtime? 💃🕺 🍂 Fall is in the air and it’s time to get ready for some awesome in-game events this month 🤩 Better be ready for some great prizes!


  • Level 5 and above


  • Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, 5:00 PM (GMT +8) – 06:00 PM (GMT +8)

Server and Channel:

  • Jukebox; Guitar

General Rules:

  • Players may only win once per event.
  • Players caught cheating or behaving inappropriately will be penalized as the GM Facilitators deem fit.
  • Disconnection (ALT F4/Manual DC/Internet Issues) will lead to disqualification.
  • Participants must follow the rules set forth by the GM Facilitator.
  • The decisions of the GM Facilitators and officials are all FINAL.
  • All rewards will be given within 14 working days. (Voucher Codes)

Perfect Star

  • Monday
  • Mode: Shooting Star – Normal
  • Chance: Off
  • Insane: Off
  • Song: Random 101-120~Map: Haunted Classroom
  • Rule: Players with 250 and up perfect wins.
  • Prize: Huggy Brown 30D

Blind Date

  • Tuesday
  • Mode: Club Dance III – 8 Direction
  • Song: Random 100-120~
  • Chance: Off
  • Insane: Off
  • Map: Bling Bling Dance Club
  • Rule: Pair with highest score wins. 
  • Prize: Hug Me Polar Bear 30D

Catch Me If You Can

  • Mode: Couple Dance 31 – 4 directions
  • Song: Random 100-120~
  • Chance: Off Reverse
  • Insane: Off
  • Map: Haunted Classroom
  • Rule: Pair/Pairs who’ll catch 31 wins.
  • Prize: Angel Prince of Love and Wings of Love 30D

Who’s Crazy

  • Mode: Crazy 9
  • Song: Random 120-140~
  • Chance: N/A
  • Insane: N/A
  • Map: Hip Hop Streetz
  • Rule: Players with 400k score and up wins.
  • Prize: DJ King 30D

Happy Dancing!

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