What a Radiant performance; others will never shine bright as you ✨

Continue to slay on the dance floor and always be on the center stage! Congratulations to our December Prima Audistas!🏆🎉

Top 15

  1. Xaivier
  2. Xyza
  3. Komi
  4. Holiday
  5. Myne
  6. 40uF
  7. Kierro
  8. Mynn
  9. pey
  10. Tommeh
  11. Mierra
  12. nabe
  13. Arr
  14. Pomegranate
  15. Kotoha

Tier 5

Xaivier, Xyza, Komi, Holiday, Myne, 40uF, Kierro, Mynn, pey, Tommeh, Mierra, nabe, Arr, Pomegranate, Kotoha, apple, Wenraye, Verlyn, ror, Kthrn, Amity, Dvrx

Tier 4

HoyMarie, ZCK, nevermind

Tier 3

Aiwam, ziel, Mabalacat, Macabebe, Baem, FCK, noi, Qtr, beer

Tier 2

Alcapone, Xzaviare, StaMaria, Jeiwalking, Creuset, 88, Ishyn, Micz, Aero~, seuly, nuggets, HoyZachii, Msmt, elva, MiaMacy06, Hajiro, Cesca, Ghel, Drrn, Kenzie, Aera~, Ast, elsie, Yeezi, wakaji, arouse

Tier 1

ryyy, switso, Doke, SZCZVRK, Dakila, Noell, Evaa, Jiroo, Averyla, Instantperry, Owaa, CyberPunk, orie, Beam, Zappypa, Wheeler, AhBoi, Anshe, vinn, MauiTaylor, Morena, aaaa, Ives, Nomi, Her, LULU, KYTES, sane, 77, AUS, AhMoi, Pacchi, kazaf, Porkchop, emt, HWARANG, Jico, USA, AnnMarie, YuutO, alas, KERKER, zevi, Dokebi, seohyun, Izana, Kacd, Xzaviar, Fenri, aira, Ayaaa, Bernices, Jarami, Yeon~, Ginga, Laureen, Zeldous, Wagas, Edinburgh, Grandish, elyk, ilovemicoke, jewe, Hajira, 44, Prue, Keanne, suishou, lad, ll_Kaori_ll, Heinrich, SantaMonica, nook, nella, 98, micokezero, Koind, Ken, augusta, leaf, 0ujo, Vernice, Mummybae, geo, alreo, wasl, Roiss, fong, Vento, Angelicka, Chol, julibae, daphne, LOUISS, Marguerite, Robii, awesome~, Bonakid, AteGracee, zayasu, dain, Yonaaa, Kepyang, ABIGAIL~, Nonsense, maricar, Yabz, Jule, Wabz, cup, Jayze, 04uF, Valerian, Aspergillus, ars, Redlabel, Ryowa, NIKI, ziba, revo, Dib, Siquijor, Chadee, Evoo, wt, windmill, Jenson, Bhybhy, Hanweii, VELLE, Theonn, HoyZach, pipi, Dipsy, Stassie, aera, SanGabriel, Yien, mug, burgir, jads, Asaiah, amayihsi, milabs, yadan, Grandcentral, Jeeen, Posha, emer, Neam, nayanika, vieja, kyis, Pinna, iShtar, Zy, STEPHYY, Knucklehead, VeryNiceGuy, over, snix, Jo~, THEGURLL, Nyessica, Paulin, Kuso, Yitian, raimu, Yeun~, SAI, Theophobia, lsaiah, json, tsuyu, aleia, Arian, Loiss, makan, Soubi, Salad, ~Chubby, Avryn, Ririii, hrin, Mryl, emilico, Iya, gin, Yuihorie


  • All rewards will be inserted within 15 days.
  • Top Spenders/Prima Audistas may request to transfer their marks if they already got all the marks to their main account with Indefinite duration. The other account must be named after the owner.
  • They can also request for change of marks lower than they got for this month if they already got the indefinite duration of the mark.
  • Only the Indefinite duration marks/icons are transferable.
  • Avatar items are not transferable.
  • You may file on E-Support for mark transfer request.

Thank you for supporting Audition Next Level Community!


1, 2, 3…Happy New Year! 2022 is finally here~

Audistas! It’s the best time for new beginnings 🙏 What’s coming is better than what’s going~

Hit the dance floor with more glamour with Patch 123: Keep Dancing @ 2022!

I. Game Updates

New Songs

82 Taylor SwiftEnchanted
98 MAMAMOOEgotistic
101 Park Ji YoonSteal Away
113 Britney SpearsGimme More
117 Shimeyaaa & Wavy (AudiTune Champion)No Rush
124 SHINeeView
128 Hwang BoGet Hot
132 R-chordNi Shi Zhen De Li Kai Wo (Are You Leaving Me)
132 PSYNew Face
134 Bruno MarsThat’s What I Like
140 Song Meng JunShi Mian De Ye (Sleepless Night) (DJ Remix)
150 NCT 127Favorite (Vampire)
180 LiSA x UruSaikai (Reunion)

Tayor Swift – All Too Well will be added on the next patch update due to the crash issue.

New BGM Master Songs

80FreestyleY (Please Tell Me Why)
82AuditionTrain Running on The Sea When It Rains (Easy)
84Wild Rose ThornOnly You (Easy)
84BeyonceBroken-Hearted Girl (Easy)
90Post Malone, Swae LeeSunflower
94EXIDTodak Todak
95K.GardenHope of Spring
95AuditionI KNOW
95Ariana Grande, Social Houseboyfriend
96AuditionEye for An Eye
99DavichiFrom Me to You
100AuditionGet Down
1004MINUTESweet Suga Honey!
100AOALike A Cat
103Bella PoarchBuild a B*tch
104A HanGuo Ke (Passby)
105The Pussycat DollsButtons
106Fahrenheit & Hebe TienZhi Dui Ni You Gan Jue
107Matt NathansonFaster
107Jay ChouSuan Shen Me Nan Ren
108AuditionDon’t Worry
109aespaNext Level
110MoonshineCrush On You (feat. Superbee)
114GFRIENDGlass Bead
119BRIGHT1 Year 2 Months 20 Days
120IUeight (Prod. & Feat. SUGA of BTS)
125Wanna OneEnergetic
1252NE1I Love You (Kor. Ver.)
126Brown Eyed GirlsPoisoned Love
126GLAMParty (XXO)
126A-doCha Yi Dian (Almost) (Remix)
126BIGBANGHaru Haru
127Baby V.O.XAccident
128AuditionBeautiful 2009
128T-araBo Peep Bo Peep
1284MINUTEHot Issue
1283LAUHow You Love Me (Feat. Bright Lights)
128Justin BieberBeauty and a Beat (feat. Nicki Minaj)
128Jennifer LopezOn The Floor (feat. Pitbull)
130AuditionParty Party
130AuditionThank you
130SNSDRun Devil Run
130SNSDChocolate Love (Retro Pop Ver.)
130CascadaLast Christmas
130Eason ChenYin Tian Kuai Le
132Mocha GirlsPatcha
132As One & 2nbHoliday
138AuditionTo You
140AuditionDJ Euro Mix
140AuditionDon’t Cry My Heart
140HanbitchanYour Man
140MAYDAYPai Dui Dong Wu (Party Animal)
140JJ LinJia You (Go)
140AquaDoctor Jones
144Black PearlGo Go Sing
145Viva Hot BabesKikay
148FahrenheitCherish Your Heartache
150AuditionGo Go
150AuditionYou’re Already Gone
150Red VelvetBad Boy
154Dave RodgersDEJA VU
155BTSFake Love
155EPIK HIGH1 Minute, 1 Second (feat. Taru)
156SS501Love Like This
158Hebe TienA Little Happiness
158Mad ClownWithout You (Feat. HYOLYN)
158BTSI Need U
160Kim Ah JoongMaria
160Kyary Pamyu PamyuKira Kira Killer
170TWICEWhat is Love? (Kor Ver.) (Hard)
173*NSYNCBye Bye Bye (Hard)
178SweetboxEveryting is Nothing (Hard)
180KARARock U
185AuditionMagic World
186BTSBlood Sweat & Tears (Hard)
196Sarah GeronimoTala (Hard)

New Avatar Items

Animated Face

Animated GIF
Animated GIF




30% Off Christmas Sale will be available until 6th January 2021, 5:59 AM (GMT +8).

II. Bug Fixes

  • Disconnection from Black Label – Page 2. Please take note that Black Label Page 1 and Page 2 will be available until 20th January 2022, 5:59 AM (GMT +8) only.
  • Disconnection from Shopping Mall.
  • Outlet Item Tags are now visible.

III. Events and Promotions

May be an anime-style image of 2 people, people standing and text


  • All events and promotions are subject to change without prior notice.

Official Community Groups

Happy Dancing!


Eligibility: All ANL Accounts

Duration: 1st January 2022 00:00 – 31st January 2022 23:59 (GMT +8)

Event Mechanics:

  • A total amount of purchase and gift in the item mall, couple garden, and mascot salon will be counted during the event.
  • All rewards will be inserted within 14 working days after the event duration.
  • The rewards do not require the character to have a couple in able to wear.
  • Discount coupons are counted. 10%, 20%, and 30% discount coupons (e.g., Original Price: 21,000 – Discounted Price using 10% Discount Coupon: 18,900. 18,900 will add to your total spend.)
  • Purchases that are done by Magic Lamp, 7 Days Exchange Coupon, and 30 Days Exchange Coupon are not counted.
  • Please be reminded of the Game Policy, which was stated that “Users are prohibited from advertising the intent to or commit the act of buying, trading, selling, sharing or transferring access of accounts, in-game cash or any other game-related feature to another Audition Next Level account or player through transactions involving the use of real money.”
  • This promotion is subject to change without prior notice.

Shop in any categories below:

  • Shopping Mall – Face, Hair, Upper Garment, Lower Garment, Shoes, Set, Item, Pet, Motion, Hardware, Emoticon, Accessory, Mark, Musical Instruments, Black Label
  • Couple Shop – Hair, Upper Garment, Lower Garment, Shoes, Set, Pet, Accessory, Mark, Ring, Couple Certificate, Couple Item, Couple Room
  • Couple Garden – Seeds, Accessory, Management/Care Items, Items
  • Mascot Salon – Mascot, Hair, Upper Garment, Under Garment, Shoes, Set, Items

Tier Rewards:

Tier 1

  • 500,000 – 999,999 in-game cash spend
    • 90 Days Lady Celeste/Lord Vlad Set
    • 30 Days Purple Stage DJ Booth
    • 30 Days Bronze Mark
    • 30 Days Sea Light Effect

Tier 2

  • 1,000,000 – 1,399,999 in-game cash spend
    • 120 Days Lady Celeste/Lord Vlad Set
    • 30 Days Purple Stage DJ Booth
    • 30 Days Bronze Mark
    • 30 Days Silver Mark
    • 30 Days Sea Light Effect

Tier 3

  • 1,400,000 – 1,699,999 in-game cash spend
    • 150 Days Lady Celeste/Lord Vlad Set
    • 30 Days Purple Stage DJ Booth
    • 30 Days Bronze Mark
    • 30 Days Silver Mark
    • 30 Days Gold Mark
    • 30 Days Sea Light Effect

Tier 4

  • 1,700,000 – 1,999,999 in-game cash spend
    • 180 Days Lady Celeste/Lord Vlad Set
    • 30 Days Purple Stage DJ Booth
    • 30 Days Bronze Mark
    • 30 Days Silver Mark
    • 30 Days Gold Mark
    • 30 Days Platinum Mark
    • 30 Days Sea Light Effect

Tier 5

  • 2,000,000 and above in-game cash spend
    • Indefinite Lady Celeste/Lord Vlad Set
    • 30 Days Purple Stage DJ Booth
    • 30 Days Bronze Mark
    • 30 Days Silver Mark
    • 30 Days Gold Mark
    • 30 Days Platinum Mark
    • 30 Days Diamond Mark
    • 30 Days Sea Light Effect


  • Face not included.
  • Set Categories
    • Female/Male: Hair, Set (Top, Bottom Shoes)

A special set from Audition AyoDance.

Animated GIF
Animated GIF

Top 16 Prima Audistas

  • Top 1-3 Indefinite Diamond Mark
  • Top 4-6 Indefinite Gold Mark
  • Top 7-10 Indefinite Silver Mark
  • Top 11-16 Indefinite Bronze Mark
Animated Sticker

Indefinite Marks Policy

  • Indefinite marks are transferable if:
    • They already got all the marks with Indefinite duration to their 1st account.
    • The 2nd, 3rd, etc., accounts must be named after the Top Spender to transfer the Indefinite reward marks.
    • If the Top Spender already got the Indefinite reward mark, he/she may request lower marks.
      • E.g., CM Rosh already has an Indefinite Gold Mark, and his reward for this month is also an Indefinite Gold Mark; he may request for Silver or Bronze Indefinite Mark.
    • The marks cannot be traded to avatar items or VIP marks.
  • Avatar items are not transferable.

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