Hi Audistas,

Meet our ANL’s Crush Ng Bayan for the month of February 2023, jny!

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“Please introduce yourself.”

Hello! my name is Jennifer, but u can call me Jeni and this year I’m going 22 y.o. Hmm, I’m just an ordinary person! I think I’m funny and have a sense of humour. But maybe my face looks like an unfriendly person, but when we get to know each other I can be a crazy one. Also the last one, I have a cute smile 😝

“Where did you know ANL?

My friend. I just played ANL in November 2022!

“What do you like in ANL?

I like ANL because I can meet friends from diff countries. Then I like ANL songs and the ANL player is so kind, funny, also friendly too. And I think this game always be the game I look for when I’m bored, stressed, and sad.

“Which game mode do you usually play?”


“Tell us your likes and dislikes.”

I like to dance n sing! and I like to eat ice cream so much ><. I don’t like crowded and talking sht person.

“Are you single?”


“Where can we follow you?”3

Instagram: @jennni.cs

Tiktok: @jennniics

Facebook: Jennifer Carolina

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