Let’s congratulate the Couple of the Month on this February 2023, kharlo and rencel! Check out their kilig love story below :



“How long have you been playing ANL as a couple?”


12 years

Hello audistas hope you can grant my wish on our 12th year of being a real-life lovers to express how grateful i am to my not so romantic but amusing partner in a cutest possible way! To the man that i loved the most, This might be cliche and too cheesy as this sounds to you but your laugh and very funny lines is my favourite sound. The friendship that I have with you is what i love the most wherein we talk and do random spontaneous sh*ts together. Like i always say, thank you for putting up with me and cheering me up when my work-sh*ts put me down, your nagging voice somehow sounds like home that puts me at ease. You always help me fight through my doubts and inspire me little by little to appreciate myself. When I see you struggling with life it breaks my heart cause all i want is to see you happy like you always do. I promise that i will always be here to remind you of how special you are when you can’t see it yourself. I hope our love last forever my one. I love you so much. I’m hoping for this entry to somehow win and be posted so that you’ll be able to read this nose bleeding letter. Haha, please don’t make fun of me when you read this 😆 happy 12th year babe.



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