Hey Audistas!

Gacha has arrived! 🥳 Gacha is now open! Beginning today all the way until 11:59 PM of 30th April 2023!

Win exciting rare items you can flaunt in-game with gachapon! Items are only limited so get yours now!! 🥳

🎁 Gacha purchases are also counted in spending promos‼

🎁 Gacha codes will expire on May 1, 2023 (GMT +8) Make sure to claim your codes immediately‼

🎁 Play it here here: bit.ly/ANLGachapon

🎁Gachapon Guide here: bit.ly/ANLGachaponGuide


Golden Loli Girl / Boy *rare*

White Aristocrat Princess / Prince *rare*

Strawberry Cute Girl Stye

Popular Boy Casual Style

Gacha Get Them All Audistas!

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