How to play Gashapon?

  1. Topup on your PlayPark account on PlayMall. You can go to this link too! PlayMall : ระบบ Wallet ใหม่ by Playpark

2. After you top up your desired amount, don’t convert your cash to Audition Next Level PlayMall. Click the PlayPark Gachapon Logo to purchase Gashapon Coins instead!


3. Choose your desired number of coins! Gashapon Coins automatically detects your account’s currency!

4. After purchasing gashapon coins, go to this link to play Audition Next Level Gashapon. Click the Audition Next Level Logo to Play!! Enjoy and get rare items!! <3   PlayPark Gashapon – สุ่มปั๊บรับไอเทม!!!

5. To check the items and get codes you got on the Gachapon, click the history button on the upper right corner of the page as shown below:

6. You can claim your rewards on the ANL Redemption Page: http://bit.ly/ANLRedemptionSite


1. Will the items on gachapon will be placed on spend promo or webshop in the future? NO! The gachapon items are rare type items and will not be placed on sale in the future.

  • Will you get multiple number of same items on Gachapon? Yes!
  • What is the duration of the items on the Gachapon? 7D , 30D & Indefinite
  • Will the gachapon items be released again on the future in Gachapon? Depends upon the rarity of the item!
  • Why do I always get durational items? Gachapon gives the items randomly and depends if you are really lucky!