Let’s congratulate the Couple of the Month on this March 2023, Parmesan~ and Mozzarella~! Check out their kilig love story below :

“How long have you been playing ANL as a couple?”

We have been playing ANL as a couple for three lovely months.

Tell us your LOVE Story

“They say love should be easy, but I’ll be glad to choose a love that’s hard as long as it’s with him. “

Around August 2021, active na talaga ako. I had no intention of entering into any relationship. But when Patrick entered the frame, it all changed. Pero that “change” is something I would say, “one of the the precious moment of my life”. June 2022, we talked and eventually got closer. I was in love with the fire and the similar connections that we have na I have never felt to anyone but him. Dahil doon, our feelings intertwined deeper as the days went by. To cut the story short, we had our first date sa church kasi I’ve always wanted a love na center si God. And with Patrick, I felt peace and serenity that I’ve been longing for. It is really an ethereal feeling to have my special someone promising their love, genuinely, to me, in front of the Lord. Para bang nasa heaven talaga ang eksena, LOL.

Until now, Patrick never fails to fulfill his promises na binitawan nya sa simbahan. It’s something na hindi ko matatawag na “bare minimum” lang for he always sets the standard so high. Our love might not be rainbows and butterflies everyday, but I rather have him during bad times than with someone else. Kahit na LDR kami, our patient hearts are always happy and willing to wait na magkita ulit. We got to learn to enjoy the smallest things, even for a short period of time, which is a love that everyone deserves to have – a slow love, patient and consistent.

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