Let’s congratulate the Couple of the Month on this April 2023, Renner and Roux! Check out their kilig love story below :

“How long have you been playing ANL as a couple?”

3 months

Tell us your LOVE Story

“They say love should be easy, but I’ll be glad to choose a love that’s hard as long as it’s with him. “

Ours isn’t really a love story. I think our relationship is a typical friendly couple thing. Surely, I love having Rein around. Rein and I first met in September 2022. It was around 3am my time and I couldn’t sleep. I joined a C8 mode room that was quite challenging, and Rein was there too. I remember there was Miu who we couldn’t beat and I engaged myself even more by saying “Sige matutulog lang ako kapag nanalo na ko.” Haha I remember Rein and I were both feeling frustrated but also were both so hooked that time and logged off so late. Vaguely, I remembered we added each other on discord and Rein said if ever I’m on around that time again and has no one to play with, I could just shoot him a msg. That time he was reviewing for his board exam and would play ANL to relax in between. After that, I think I only played with Rein again just one more time, and then I never saw him in game again. Two months later (Nov 2022), I hosted a C8C6 room. Then Rein joined me, using a different account. A game later he introduced himself and was like “papakilala lng sana ko pag natalo na kita haha.” I don’t remember how he used to play but, I was frustrated bcos our scores would get pretty close. He also admitted that he’s been on a secret training to beat me (including other players from when we met). I thought it was cute. But also I felt challenged. Since then I decided I want to focus on C8C6 again. We then would play together when we’re both on. Sometimes we’d join fam battles as team mates. Each moment with Rein was fun, I genuinely enjoy playing with him. He is so easygoing; he also gets along with my closest friends. He isn’t into the couple or garden thing at all as he enjoys upskilling more, while I tend to cling to people I like, so obviously it was me who asked if we can be a couple. That was in Dec 2022. I think Rein and I both treat the game as a past time, a way to chill after a busy day. We tend to keep our personal lives private. We’d talk outside the game but only about it. If I did well, I’d send him a screenshot of the scoreboard and he’d sometimes do the same too. Or we’d talk about which is a better keyboard to use haha. We both wanted to be “legendary” C8C6 players, and I think this is why our relationship works and why we still stick together. We’re onto a similar goal. Bcos of Rein, I look forward to playing ANL. We challenge each other to be better, and at the same time, we’d be supportive as well. When its just us, we compete. But when someone better joins us, we’d be sending whispers, like “focus tayo, talunin natin yan.” Or sometimes we’d just be proud of each other. Rein, if this entry wins then u get to read this. Sabi mo hindi tayo mananalo dito at wala tayong pag asa haha pero charaaaan! Told ya, gagalingan ko (ang achiever ko talaga). Sinuyod ko pa talaga ung mga screenshots sa folder ko. Panay panghahamon sayo talaga ginagawa ko haha. I just want you to know how grateful I am of our friendship. You’re super chill, and you make me feel excited to play ANL. Thank you rin for joining me sa gamefest! We finally got to participate in tournas (frustrating but fun!). Can’t wait until we both reach our ultimate goal (na talunin si Gerald. Hi Gerald haha), and max ring sana? Yaan mo na taga LP k lng naman haha. Pero nagtanim ka once. Mapagdidilig at brush din kita! Tara magbaldugan at magkulitan pa ng marami. 🙂

Until now, Patrick never fails to fulfill his promises na binitawan nya sa simbahan. It’s something na hindi ko matatawag na “bare minimum” lang for he always sets the standard so high. Our love might not be rainbows and butterflies everyday, but I rather have him during bad times than with someone else. Kahit na LDR kami, our patient hearts are always happy and willing to wait na magkita ulit. We got to learn to enjoy the smallest things, even for a short period of time, which is a love that everyone deserves to have – a slow love, patient and consistent.

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