Shining among the crowd, they stand proud!~ ? Congratulations to our April 2023 Prima Audistas! Continue taking center stage like the star you are! ✨  

Top 17

Top 1 ? Xaivier
Top 2 ? Amity
Top 3 ? SaksFifthAve
Top 4 ? Myne
Top 5 ? btcy
Top 6 ? Aonie
Top 7 ? Ligeia
Top 8 ? Kavelle
Top 9 ? W3NDS
Top 10 ? Sonne
Top 11 ? Solfege
Top 12 ? Konbu
Top 13 ? Ahelia
Top 14 ? Fenri
Top 15 ? MattChie
Top 16 ? elsie
Top 17 ? Gyn

Tier 5

Xaivier, Amity, SaksFifthAve, Myne, btcy, Aonie, Ligeia, Kavelle, W3NDS, Sonne, Solfege, Konbu, Ahelia, Fenri, MattChie, elsie, Gyn

Tier 4

Qyn, pistachio

Tier 3

ReD, Cazi, ArdentPH, ouo, Lori, kazaf, Yonaaa, Wenraye, Cubao, Ayvy, ~Jei~, ohreally, Meshekep, Eie

Tier 2

Dne, ziea, dain, JSZX, levl, Aoie, wbzd, dewnat, Hedonophobia, rein, Cyx, Queef, cwdbr, keize, vezpa, ish, PoLyn, scotch

Tier 1

kindle, xKrysx, ALLY, Pspsps, DarkWarden, amiethyst, ZHENNY, Adam, Myxu, Rchll, cruel, ezia, shagua, ~buns~, Aej, Remy, Tambay, cyriella, vezta, 98, archimonde, loewe, Cam, capy, Ambrosya, 420, Yeezi, Arr, eggie, BossTiger, Freen, kind, Hatchkiss, Dxv, Evandro, nu, Kndrch, Asturias, Injil, filthy, Roarr, MafuyuSato, Kaee, buyao, Meshuko, gin, hatsuki, Mwuah, Khael, Uhhuh, kavie, ouh, zane, Holiday, neiko, dose, Yunjin, Todd, hyvie, Veen, jons, Minos, edith, eco, Sometimes, loui

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