Shining among the crowd, they stand proud!~ πŸ‘ Congratulations to our MAY 2023 Prima Audistas! Continue taking center stage like the star you are! ✨  

Top 17

Top 1 🌟 SaksFifthAve
Top 2 🌟 Xaivier
Top 3 🌟 Myne
Top 4 🌟 Aonie
Top 5 🌟 Totropahin
Top 6 🌟 Wenchiii
Top 7 🌟 kylo
Top 8 🌟 Ligeia
Top 9 🌟 Aoie
Top 10 🌟 Kavelle
Top 11 🌟 Yonaaa

Top 12 🌟Oliveer
Top 13 🌟 Ambrosya
Top 14 🌟 asteria
Top 15 🌟 Jerson
Top 16 🌟 Arr
Top 17 🌟 Ayvy

Tier 5

SaksFifthAve, Xaivier, Myne, Aonie, Wawadam, Wenchiii, kylo, Ligeia, Aoie, Kavelle, Yonaaa, Oliveer, Ambrosya, asteria, Jerson, Arr, Ayvy, Konbu, MattChie, vezpa, Wenraye, vezta, btcy, broccoli

Tier 4

elsie, hen, amiethyst, tagagiling, Freen, Qyn

Tier 3

ArdentPH, JungKey, oOoGaNyUoOo, Tatsuki, Ahelia, Iccy, Jansen, 98, cyriella, nakyum, rough

Tier 2

ChiMmyx3, Myig, Ceryz, Kutchie, Angatdam, Mm, vezna, Amity, Teq, Sometimes, METH, kazaf, RA, Russell, biscotti, Gyn, mea, rein, steamed, ramen, Keichiii, ohreally, Katee, kindle, Kyroxus, wbzd, gimmemore, levl, Rchll, keize, zeie, Miggo, Vianca, Aovria, Meshuko, Davika

Tier 1

gentle, Meshiko, jods, hyvie, Eryn, hlm, Alek, Chiquita, nava, dain, rise, Rusby, Leighan, TSUM, Jeshah, ish, ouo, Arian, Radleigh, eusten, Jcyy, kacel, Tng, okeru, soyu, Sunhee, Cazi, Yeonah, sofie, Arisa, yae, Juwi, Faultier, Ram, Osou, Cxzy, Gege, Zeyo, 69sugarplumz, Myxu, Munsoo, SolennHeusaf, archimonde, Kaee, aruy, eco, yakult, Ruriel, edith, Remy, woeful, ALLY, trudie, gin, Kitting

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