Let’s congratulate the Couple of the Month on this April 2023, Amj and Aej! Check out their kilig love story below 

How long have you been playing ANL as a couple?

1 Year and 3 months

Tell us your LOVE Story

The best love stories are those in which you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time, which is how I (Katesley) met the man of my dreams (Wacxsley).

I used to fantasize about having a real-life couple in Audition since I loved the game so much. I resumed playing on the previous audition server in December 2021. All I wanted was to make new friends and have some fun, until one of my fam members decided to go to a club dance and hunt for a couple. I merely came to hang out with them to relax. I saw one and agreed to be his partner, but I had to run some errands that day. I promised him I’d be online the next day at the same time (9 AM) and on the same channel. I was late the next day due to traffic and returned in the afternoon. I entered the room where he was, but I found him with his ex-couple. He asked me to join them in a different game style, but I preferred to play the norm games, so I began looking for a room and just played till I came across Wacxsley’s room with his friends. Playing with him was different. I recall entering his room once and discovering that he was only playing once a week. I SUPPOSE IT WAS A COINCIDENCE, BUT I BELIEVE I WAS FATED TO RUN INTO HIM AGAIN.

His friends teased us about going to the next level, and then he unexpectedly asked me to be his partner. I agreed, but I recalled saying to him, “Kung True Love hanap mo, HINDI AKO YUN,” to which he answered, “Oo, di rin ako interesado sa ganun. Hahaha!” and we became partners on January 29th, 2022, and started talking and getting to know each other.

We became a real-life couple on March 4, 2022. I know it’s difficult for some people to be in a long-distance relationship, but ANL made us feel as if we were just a few miles apart. Through game modes and couple gardens, our bond grows stronger as the day goes by. We’ve been put to the test countless times, and we almost gave up, yet HERE WE ARE, CHOOSING AND STAYING WITH EACH OTHER NO MATTER WHAT. I know it will be a long journey but I’m grateful that this game made it possible to find MY HAPPY PILL, MY PAHINGA, and MY LOVE.

Thank you, ANL, for being an instrument for this wonderful event in our lives. All the best!

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