Hi Audistas~!

CM Axis is here to guide you through our newest promo, ‘Top Up and Convert,’ and to answer some of our FAQs regarding our event!

Top up and Convert Event Page Guide

Note: You can only receive code once. This error will appear once you try to redeem more than one (1) code.

Top up and Convert Event FAQ

Q: Can I use the remaining balance/cash on my PlayMall wallet account from before the event period to be eligible for the promo?

A: No, only TOP UP transactions made within the event period will be counted for the TopUp and Convert promo points.

Example: Top up and convert period: September 16-18, 2023
You have 500 PHP remaining balance in your PlayMall wallet, and you Topped Up an additional 500 PHP during the event promo. You converted 1000 PHP on Audition Next Level on the same day as your additional 500 PHP TopUp. You will only receive 500 points for the said promo. Since the event requires 1000 points, you will need to TopUp and Convert an additional 500 PHP DURING the event promo.

Q: I topped up and converted 1500 PHP during the event period, which gives me 1500 points. Since I spent my 1000 points to redeem the code, can I still use my remaining 500 points for the next TopUp and Convert promo?

A: No. Points will be reset to 0 after the event period, and counting for points will only take place at the start of the event period.

This means that for each event, your point accumulation begins anew, and any remaining points from a previous event cannot be carried over or used in subsequent events.

Q: Can my points be transferred to my friend/or my other account?
A: No. Points accumulated are non-transferrable

See you in the dancefloor!