Hey Audistas,

Get ready to bust some moves and groove to the beat with Audition Next Level! It’s time to mark your calendars for our most awaited event of the year, FAM of the Year 2023. Join us on October 22, 2023, at the incredible Clique Gaming SAFRA in Choa Chu Kang, Singapore.

This year, YOU will have the chance to decide the songs and mode you would like to compete against your opponents! Experience the thrill of the Qualifying Round all the way to the Finals!

Not feeling the competitive spirit? No worries! We’ve got something that will make you jump for joy. Get ready for fantastic door gifts and a lucky draw with amazing rewards up for grabs. It’s the perfect opportunity to rally with your FAM and friends, and who knows, you might even meet some remarkable new people along the way! Let’s RALLY and have a blast like never before.


Tournament Schedule
Date22nd Oct 2023 (Sunday)
Time1200 Hours to 2000 Hours
VenueClique Gaming SAFRA Choa Chu Kang
(28 Choa Chu Kang Dr, #04-05 SAFRA, Singapore 689964)
Max Participants18 FAMs (54 Participants)


The tournament will accept up to 18 FAMs (3 players/FAM) on a first come first serve basis, with a refundable registration fee of SGD 30 per FAM. Tournament slots will only be confirmed after payment has been made and acknowledged by the event organizer.

If the FAM withdraws, does not show up; having absent FAM members, or if the FAM is disqualified for breaking tournament rules, the registration fee will not be refunded.

The registration link for FAM of The Year 2023 will be released on September 30, 2023, at 4 PM (+8 GMT) on the Audition Next Level Telegram Channel (https://t.me/AuditionNextLevel), and registration will close on October 14, 2023, at 11:59 PM or when all slots have been filled, whichever is earlier.


This set of rules is designed to ensure that the tournament is conducted in a fair and professional manner, with all participants on an equal footing. It is important that all players abide by these rules, as failure to do so may result in disqualification.

  1. Accessories such as bags/wings must be removed during the game to ensure fairness.
  2. All participants must use the basic/default Audition Avatars (including Face).
  3. The map used during the tournament will be Hip Hop Street, and players must keep the map turned on to avoid any unfair advantage.
  4. The Metronome item is strictly prohibited during the tournament, and players must register with an account without Metronome during registration.
  5. All players must use the default PC specifications to ensure an equal playing field.
  6. Shader option is included in the latest update of Audition Next Level and will be automatically used during the tournament. Any tampering or modification of Audition Next Level files and folders is strictly prohibited to ensure fair and equal gameplay for all.
  7. Players are allowed to use their personal devices such as keyboard/mouse/headset during the tournament. PC allocation priorities will be provided to players not using their own personal devices.
  8. In the event of peripheral issues, players should alert the event marshals immediately. However, the game should not stop playing until a decision has been made and announced in the game chat.
  9. In the event of abnormalities in the PC that affect gameplay, players should inform the event marshals via in-game chat. Re-match requests will not be entertained once the game has ended unless there is a global lag.
  10. Potential rematches for legitimate disconnections will be on a case-by-case basis and not guaranteed. The decision will be based on any potential foul play, as well as the score at the point of disconnection and the estimated projected score towards the end of the game.
  11. Intentional disconnections such as ALT F4 will result in a 0 score for that round.
  12. No outside food and drinks are allowed in Clique Gaming SAFRA Choa Chu Kang.
  13. Participants must adhere to the Game Policies of Audition Next Level throughout the tournament, and failure to do so will result in disqualification from the tournament and potential future tournaments. Should there be any participant’s account be suspended during the tournament period, the player will be automatically disqualified. Audition Next Level Game policy can be found at http://bit.ly/ANLGamePolicy20200611
  14. Event Marshals have the full authority to issue warnings or disqualify any players caught breaching the rules above.



ChampionSGD $200 (Per Player)
Indefinite Tournament Set (Per Player)
Indefinite Diamond M Mark (Per Player)
Indefinite FOTY Mark (Per Player)
1,000,000 ANL Cash (Per Player)

FAM of the Year 2023 Trophy
FAM of the Year 2023 Medal (Per Player)
FAM of the Year 2023 Certificate (Per Player)
1st Runner UpSGD $100 (Per Player) 
90 Days Tournament Set (Per Player)
90 Days Diamond M Mark (Per Player)
500,000 ANL Cash (Per Player)

FAM of the Year 2023 Medal (Per Player)
FAM of the Year 2023 Certificate (Per Player)
All ParticipantsIndefinite Sunny Day Resort Style



  • Only valid for SGMY Players who are physically present on-ground. You are NOT ALLOWED to submit the door gift on behalf of others. If you are caught, you will be disqualified from the Door Gifts. False declaration may result in Account Suspension as indicated in our Audition Next Level Policy. 
  • Multiple door gift submissions are NOT ALLOWED. Each Player will only be entitled to 1 door gift submission. If you are caught with multiple submissions, you will be disqualified from the Door Gifts as well.

NOTE: ALL Tournament Participants are required to submit their doorgift form at Clique Gaming Safra (Choa Chu Kang) 


Indefinite Cutie Jumper Stripes Style Set (M/F)
Indefinite Classic Phone
365 Days Mystic Mysteries DJ Booth



  • All FAMs who have gathered least 10 attendees present on-ground will stand a chance to win the FAM Rally reward. (Rewards will only be credited to the FAM members who have registered for the door gifts, and are also in the FAM prior to the event)
  • FAM members will be required to take a group photo together on the day itself at Clique Gaming Safra (Chua Chu Kang). We strongly encourage all your on-ground members to gather for the photo. However, it is not compulsory for all FAM members who attended the event to be present in the group photo if they are not available. 
  • To add some extra fun and excitement you can choose to colour coordinate your attires together or come up with something uniquely exclusive for your group photo! Fun shots would be a great idea too!
  • Group photo must be submitted via the Google Form which will be announced on Telegram on the event day by a FAM representative.
  • Submission of entries will be closed on 23rd October 2023, 11:59PM (+8 GMT)


Indefinite Summer Love Look (Female) / Love Pastel Look (Male)


Lucky Draw Time Slots:

  • 4 PM or after Qualifying Round (whichever is earlier)
  • 7 PM or after Finals (whichever is earlier)


  • All you need to do is submit your door gift form before the cut off timing for each lucky draw slot AND be present during the lucky draw spin if not you will miss your chance to get the rewards! 
  • Players who won from the 4pm spin can still win again for the next lucky draw timing if you are still present during the second lucky draw spin.


  • Indefinite Street Dancer Fashion
  • Indefinite Pinkish/Bluish Couple Style

Pinkish/Bluish Couple Style (left) Street Dancer Fashion (right)