Following a recent incident caused by a Facebook login app error, Playpark has implemented a social mapping solution for all affected games.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to bind your Facebook ID with your Play ID Account (For those who are able to login but lost their character, DON’T CREATE A NEW CHARACTER. Kindly follow the instructions stated below to retrieve your account):

  1. Check User ID information regarding Facebook Open ID. You may do this by going to Settings > App and Website > Play ID Authentication > View and Edit. Players should take note of the Email Address used and User ID shown at the bottom of the page.

Note: In case users can’t see the Open ID, it means they have deleted the permission of our app from their Facebook account.

2. Create a new Play ID Account. Remember to fill up important details such as Name, Birthday, etc. After finishing the registration, please refrain from logging into the game or using the refill system until this process is completed.

Note: The new Play ID must not have any characters in the game before. 

3. To complete the process, file a ticket with our E-support system (under “Bug Report/Bug Enquiry”) with the following details:

  • Facebook Open ID (User ID):
  • Facebook Registered Email Address:
  • Facebook Registered Name:
  • Link of Facebook Account:
  • Playpark ID:
  • IGN:
  • Character Level:

For security purposes, we kindly ask players to attach a “selfie” of themselves holding their ID.

Note: Kindly make sure all details are provided and correct for a faster process. Don’t forget to check your inbox and spam to check the progress of your ticket!

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!