Let’s congratulate the Couple of the Month on this September 2023, dani and frails! Check out their kilig love story below 

How long have you been playing ANL as a couple?

4 months

Tell us your LOVE Story

We started as strangers on the dancefloor and met at a random room. We became rivals beating each other on c8c6 mode. Every time we see each other, we tease and boast our skills on who will be in the 1st place till we become frenemies. We argue like cats and dogs if there are other players in the room but whenever we’re alone, we will have a serious deep conversation. I (frails) sometimes tease her(dani) if there is someone flirting at her and saying “dani iba n nmn babae mo”, she will respond to me with angry emoticons which is kinda cute (masyadong pikon hahaha).

Months passed, I was looking for a couple that time. She offered to become my friendly couple just for ring purposes. I laughed at her because I thought that she was just joking around but it turns out that she is serious about it. We laugh at the whole duration of the song co’z we can’t believe that after all this rivalry we became couples. Until days passed she honestly told me that she had a crush on me since then. Those deep conversations that we talked about gives us a strong connection and bond which both of us can’t let aside that our feelings are mutual.

From strangers, to rivals, to friends, to couples, to real life lovers and now my other half <3

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